Adobe Stock Review

If you use Adobe’s Creative Cloud, then it is highly likely that you have come across Adobe Stock.

Integrated within the platform, it provides an easy way for creators to browse professional imagery to use within their designs.

Because it is so seamless to use, you can also test whether the image works and then use it alongside all of your Adobe apps if you would like to.

However, while Adobe does offer so many images for free if you are a new user to one of their editing platforms, and there is a free 30 day trial too, you will then need to either buy a monthly or annual subscription to use Adobe Stock moving forward.

If you are looking to use Adobe Stock, then you have come to the right place. Here we shall take a look at Adobe Stock in-depth, as well as how much it costs and what the service offers.

What Is Adobe Stock?

What Is Adobe Stock

While Adobe as a company has been around since 1982, Adobe Stock is relatively new after only being launched back in 2015.

Having only been around for less than ten years, the platform has become a high contender when it comes to leading stock photography platforms.

This is because Adobe Stock itself is a standalone platform, despite it being fully integrated within the Creative Cloud service.

Originally, it followed Adobe’s other photography service Fotolia, which is still around today.

While Fotolia is an Adobe product, it is a truly individual platform and is not a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

To have all of the creative assets in one place, and seamlessly use stock images easily, you will need to transfer your Fotolia account over to Adobe Stock.

Fortunately, this is possible and allows you to have all of your design needs in one place, without having to flit between something like Photoshop and Fotolia.

However, one big difference is that Adobe Stock has much more to offer those who want to source images compared to Fotolia.

Adobe Stock has generally been given high praise since its launch only a few years ago, not only for allowing creators to work within the Creative Cloud to do everything that they need to, but also because of the quality of the images.

Also, they offer an extensive range of imagery too. They have had a number of updates to allow for better things in a competitive market.

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For example, you can use 3D models, and the likes of image recognition and machine learning has been implemented to create a better user experience.

While Adobe Stock is available to use within the Creative Cloud, you can also use it independently.

However, there is a benefit to using it alongside the Creative Cloud because you can pair it alongside other creative apps without paying anything extra to do so.

Why Use Adobe Stock?

There are many benefits to using Adobe Stock as a designer, so let’s take a look at them quickly:

There are over 100 million pictures and illustrations (among many other things) to choose from making the platform one of the biggest.

It is fully integrated into the Creative Cloud making it very simple to use alongside other design-based apps.

There are stock images, templates, vectors and 3D images available.

It is owned by an established creative company using images already on Fotolia plus many more.

You can start using this platform once subscribed to the Creative Cloud platform, but you can also use Adobe Stock as a standalone service

There is a free trial which includes the use of ten images.

The pricing starts at $29.99 which lets you use 3 images per month. However, there are many more subscription offers to choose from, including annual.

Royalty free images available meaning the license only has to be paid for once.

Updates allow for even better service. Adobe makes sure that they are advancing with their tech to provide their customers with up-to-date services.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Adobe Stock?

While there are a plethora of stock websites out there, as an Adobe user, you may want to consider
Adobe Stock first. Here are some of the reasons why:

What Are The Advantages Of Using Adobe Stock

You Can Try Before You Buy

Unlike other stock photo services, Adobe Stock allows for you to use a watermarked image without paying.

In doing so, you can edit the photo, use it within your work, and see if it looks good. If you are happy, then you can buy the image to use. If not, you can try another photo.

If you are happy with the outcome, all it takes is one simple click to license it and the edit will change to the unwatermarked version. Amazing, right?

If You Have Creative Cloud, You Will Want To Use Adobe Stock

Because Adobe Stock is a member of the Creative Cloud family, it fits in nicely within the creative world on your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

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You can use software like Illustrator or Photoshop and never have to leave it to look for stock imagery.

There will be a search tool within the app you are using which will allow for you to find an image that suits whatever work you are designing.

Other stock websites will work independently, and you will have to download the image and then upload it into the Adobe software. Using Adobe Stock means it will appear instantly within your designs.

Adobe Stock Provides Users A Fast Service

Due to the above points, it provides its user with ultra fast service.

Whether you want to try a photo or illustration before you buy, or if you want to search for a photo quickly while you have your design open in a particular software, Adobe Stock will let you do it.

Are There Any Negatives to Using Adobe Stock?

While Adobe Stock might sound too good to be true, just like with everything else, there are some drawbacks. So, let’s take a look at them.

No Exclusive Rights

For most people, this will not matter, but Adobe does not offer any exclusive images.

This means that, even though you have created a cool poster, the same image may have been used several times for other posters, or magazines, etc.

However, like most stock sites (unless it is Getty), you are going to find it difficult to find one that provides you with exclusive images that only you have the rights to.

When that is the case, it might be worth sourcing out your own photographer or taking the picture yourself.

Terminology Is Confusing

For the majority of people, they might not have a clue what royalty free or licenses actually mean.

Adobe expects their customers to be savvy within the business and creative world, which can put those who have no idea of what is being said in the dark.

So, if you are looking at licenses and what these assets are, make sure you give it a quick Google first before you accept something that you do not want to pay for, or that you are unsure about its usage rights.

What Are The Adobe Stock Subscriptions Prices?

Adobe Stock has some competitive prices when it comes to stock imagery, though you may find that if you are not using stock photography enough, then something like Pixabay will be better for you.

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Having said that, the quality and ease of use of Adobe Stock is what trumps it compared to some other companies which are similar.

Adobe Stock offers a free trial which allows you to use 3 images. You can then buy a subscription on a rolling monthly basis or as an annual service. Some of these include:

  • 3 images – $29.99 a month
  • 10 images – $49.99 a month (annually will cost $29.99)
  • 40 images – $99.99 a month (annually will cost $79.99)
  • 750 images – $249.99 (Annually will cost $199.99)

Is Adobe Stock Royalty Free?

All of Adobe Stock’s images are royalty free, meaning you only have to pay for the license one time. Because of this, there are not many restrictions to using the images which makes it a great option for many creatives.

Most of the time you can use these types of images commercially, however you will need to purchase a special license which will cost $79.99 per photo which then allows you to use the image in larger volumes, and to resell for products.

Final Thoughts

If you are already familiar with Creative Cloud, then you will no doubt want to make use of the apps available.

Adobe Stock is a great option if you are in need of stock images, but want to work within the software, rather than using a third party.

While the pricing structure may seem a little steep, you do save money by purchasing an annual subscription, and it does provide you with top quality images.

There is a reason a lot of people love to use Adobe Stock. Not only is Adobe an established brand, but they provide a great service too.

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