How To Zoom In On Photoshop

On the face of it, you cannot see much detail when you have a photo at 100 percent when using Photoshop.

While it is a great way to see a full photo, you might want to work on particular details, such as removing blemishes or cutting out an object.

No matter what the reason is for why you need to zoom in on Photoshop, there are three easy methods to try. However, do not be confused by cropping the photo and zooming.

Cropping means to cut off areas of the image permanently to make the frame of the photo change.

Zooming into a picture is to magnify the image so you can see the details. You can then zoom out again to see the full photo.

In this simple guide we will take a look at three different but easy methods to help you find the most suitable way for you to easily zoom in and out of a picture on Photoshop.

Methods Of Zooming In On Photoshop

It is not uncommon to need to zoom in on Photoshop, so no wonder it is so simple to do. Here are the three methods to choose from:

How To Retain The Image Quality When Zooming In

Method 1 – Scroll Using The Mouse

A very easy way to zoom in on a picture is by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. It will magnify the image just by scrolling forward and backward. To do:

Make sure the arrow is on the image.

Press the ‘alt’ (PC) or ‘option’ (Mac) key down and move the scroll wheel with your finger back and forth to zoom in and then out again.

The downside is that if you are using Photoshop on your tablet or are only using a trackpad, then you cannot use a mouse.

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Instead, on a tablet, pinch two fingers on the picture and spread them apart. Keep doing this on the screen until you are zoomed in to where you want it to be.

On a laptop, use the motion with your fingers that your trackpad needs to enable the screen to zoom in while holding either the ‘alt’ or ‘option’ key.

Method 2 – Using Photoshop’s Zoom Tool

Photoshop itself has a zoom tool that makes zooming into a photo really easy. Here is how to do it:

On the tool selection palette to the left, click on the zoom tool. If you are unsure what it is, it looks just like a tiny magnifying glass. Another option is to press Z.

When selected, hover to the area of the photo you want to zoom in on, and keep clicking. The image will zoom in with every single click. However, there is a limit and it will stop once it is very zoomed in.

If you are wanting to zoom out again, then at the bar at the top there will be two magnifying glasses: one with a ‘+’ and one with a ‘-’. Press the latter to have the option to zoom out.

If you are using Photoshop Elements, the bar will be at the bottom of the screen.

Keep clicking on the image until you are back to 100 percent, or wherever you want to zoom out to.

An even easier way to zoom out is not by clicking the minus magnifying glass, but instead pressing down the ‘alt’ or ‘options’ key and clicking on the image.

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It will zoom out quickly without needing to change the tool.

Method 3 – Changing The Percentage

Lastly, another easy method is by changing the percentage of how zoomed in or out the image appears on Photoshop. To do this:

You will notice that there is a box which shows the percentage of how zoomed the photo is at the bottom of your screen. This shows exactly how zoomed in or out the image is.

Click an area in the box to edit the number. The higher the number is, the more zoomed in the picture will be. The lower the number will be how zoomed out the picture is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short FAQ which includes some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Do You Zoom Using A Mouse In Photoshop?

One of the easiest ways to zoom in on Photoshop is by using the mouse. View the image and press either ‘alt’ if using a PC, or ‘option’ if using a mac, and scroll the mouse wheel backwards and forwards to zoom in and out.

Why Am I Unable To Zoom In On Photoshop?

If you cannot zoom in on Photoshop using the mouse and scroll method, there is an easy solution. Press ‘control’ and ‘k’ (or ‘command’ and ‘k’ using a MAC) to have the preferences panel pop-up onto the screen.

You might have ‘Zoom with scroll wheel’ turned off. Click the box to say you do allow it, and retry it again. It should work!

Is There A Way To Only Zoom In A Particular Area On Photoshop?

To zoom in on a particular area on Photoshop, you will need to use the scrubby zoom. To do this:

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Select the zoom tool and check the scrubby zoom box on the Options tab.

Click on the area you want to zoom in and drag it. Dragging right will zoom in, dragging left will zoom out.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using Photoshop, even the simplest of tasks (like zooming in) can be difficult to figure out. Despite this, it actually really is easy and simple to do.

In fact, there are three different methods to try. One of these ways will become your go-to to both zoom in and out of a photo.

So, whether it is changing the percentage, or scrolling the picture bigger or smaller using your mouse, you will wonder how you did not figure out how to zoom in on an image.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to enjoy Photoshop editing even more. Check out the rest of our website for tips and tricks, camera reviews, and so much more.

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