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onOne Software Announces New Volume of Free Lightroom Presets 0

onOne Software Announces New Volume of Free Lightroom Presets

OnOne Software has done us all another freebie with the release of a new set of Lightroom presets optimied for Lightroom 3.0. PerfectPresets contains three volumes of presets for use in Lightroom’s Develop module....

Podcast #54 – Kerry and David Announce Contest Winners 11

Podcast #54 – Kerry and David Announce Contest Winners

With several hundred entries we sure were glad that we had tons of things to give away. Just to explain briefly how the names where chosen. The entries were numbered in reverse order of how they came in, then for each prize we used the random number generator at http://random.org and asked if you return a number between 1 and 302 (number of valid entries). Then we matched the number with the info of the winner and viola!

Podcast #52 – Listener Appreciation Show 18

Podcast #52 – Listener Appreciation Show

Kerry and David look back over the year of podcasts, talk about some of their favorite moments and guests, and then give away $6,000 in prizes to lucky listeners. Thanks you all you listeners for being with us this past year and a big thanks to all the people and companies that put up some really nice prizes!

Camera Dojo Announces new Monochrome Tools Lightroom Presets 7

Camera Dojo Announces new Monochrome Tools Lightroom Presets

We are very excited to announce the release of our new preset pack for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom called Dojo Monochrome Tools. This new set is designed to cover most of your B&W and Monochrome needs. With 27 different presets to choose from, you are sure to find one that you really like. Several of them are based on the Black and White filters available on Photoshop CS4.

onOne Software’s Plug-In Suite 4.5 and FocalPoint 1.1 Now Available 0

onOne Software’s Plug-In Suite 4.5 and FocalPoint 1.1 Now Available

onOne Software, Inc., a leading developer of time-saving software solutions for professional and advanced amateur photographers, today announced the immediate availability of Plug-in Suite 4.5 and FocalPoint 1.1. Plug-In Suite 4.5 is the latest version of onOne Software’s Photoshop® plug-in collection, which combines the recently announced FocalPoint 1.1, Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition, PhotoTools 2 Professional Edition and PhotoFrame 4 Professional Edition in addition to Mask Pro 4 and PhotoTune 2.2.

OnOne Software’s Genuine Fractals 6.0

OnOne Software’s Genuine Fractals 6.0

If you have ever re-sized an image you know that you always lose a lot of image quality whenever you do that, especially when having to blow things up really large. The solution may just be with OnOne Software’s Genuine Fractals 6. This tool is designed purely to handle your image resizing needs. For myself, I often have to scale things like screenshots for use in the books that I have been writing so that the images look good in the books.

Join Scarlett Lillian for a Vegas Workshop at WPPI 1

Join Scarlett Lillian for a Vegas Workshop at WPPI

Join Scarlett in Vegas for a hot night shoot at WPPI!

From Scarlett:
“I had so much fun last year shooting a sizzlin’ bride and groom session in the glamorous lights of Vegas with Ross of Flosites.com and his bride Leysa, and this year, I want to give you the same opportunity for some rockstar portfolio pieces too!

List of Free Adobe Lightroom Presets 5

List of Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

We get asked all the time for more and more Lightroom presets and were do find good free ones. I have been working on this list for a while now and will do my best to keep it updated. If you have suggestions for us to add to the list, please leave a comment. I have tried to only list sites that have more than just a couple of presets but if you know of some really good ones, be sure and let me know.

Photo Contest – Converging Lines 1

Photo Contest – Converging Lines

While it may be the middle of winter for some of you, we are going to launch a new photo contest based on an idea from a recent podcast host, Roberto Valenzuela. This contest is going to be about ‘Converging Lines”. Since an image with converging lines adds a nice dimension to your images, it seems like good practice to go out and shoot some images with this as a theme.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions 14

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions

Oh Canon 5D Mk II, how doest I love thee, let me count the ways. That could pretty much sum up my impressions of the newest camera from the folks at Canon but it probably doesn’t tell you what you really need to know. I certainly don’t have the testing lab that DPReview or Popular Photography has to tell you all the little specs and test results, but as someone who is shooting all the time, I figured I would get my hands on one and see if it really is all that it is hyped up to be.

Lightroom 2.2 Camera Profiles 1

Lightroom 2.2 Camera Profiles

With the release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.2, camera profiles are now built in by default. What are camera profiles? Well, let’s look start at the beginning and explain what happens to your images within Lightroom so we have a basis of reference when we get back to figuring out how to use these profiles.

20 Best Photography Websites of 2008 13

20 Best Photography Websites of 2008

2008 was certainly a banner year for photography enthusiasts when it comes to the number and quality of websites that you have to choose from. We certainly appreciate all the visitors here at cameradojo.com and hope we are doing a good job at bringing you good information and we are always thrilled to see our name on lists like this. Now it’s our turn to pay tribute to some of the best sites out there that we read on a regular basis.

OnOne Software’s Focal Point 2

OnOne Software’s Focal Point

Focal Point is OneOne Software’s newest Photoshop plug-in that allows you to create images with selective focus and edge vignette effects. Using these techniques you can guide the viewer’s eye to the spot in the image that you want them to look at. Using an easy to use “focus bug” you can control the sweet spot, the amount and kind of blur. These types of effects have only been possible with expensive specialty lenses before. Does Focal Point deliver on the goods? We decided to try it out for ourselves and see what we thought about it.

Nikon announces D3X 4

Nikon announces D3X

MELVILLE, N.Y. (Nov. 30, 2008) — Nikon Inc. today announced the D3X, an FX-format digital SLR featuring extreme 24.5-megapixel resolution and superb low-noise capabilities, which provides professional photographers with commercial-quality image performance in a familiar and extraordinarily versatile D-SLR form factor. In conjunction with the groundbreaking Nikon FX-format D3, the D3X tops off a collection of flagship level, rugged, professional caliber digital single lens reflex cameras engineered to excel in all types of professional photographic disciplines from photojournalism and sideline sports, to commercial in-studio applications.

Photoshop CS4 – Indepth Guide to What’s New 6

Photoshop CS4 – Indepth Guide to What’s New

It seems like we just got into our groove with Photoshop CS3 and now CS4 is out and everyone is wondering if its really a signifigant upgrade or not. I just spent the day with the folks from Adobe to get a deep dive into the entire CS4 family and let me just say, one day was not nearly enough time to learn about everything. There are very cool changes in virtually every product in the entire suite. Today we are going to go deep into Photoshop CS4 and find out what some of the new features are and try to explain in layman’s terms what each of the new features can do for you.

Podcast #14 – Lots of news and new articles 3

Podcast #14 – Lots of news and new articles

This week I got together with my regular co-host David Esquire from Esquire Photography and recorded another podcast this week. We covered all the latest news about the new Canon and Nikon gear as well as some new software updates.

Wolverine ESP Digital Photo Album and Multimedia Player 19

Wolverine ESP Digital Photo Album and Multimedia Player

I have been a fan of Wolverine products for almost four years now and my trusty Wolverine FlashPac was in need of an upgrade. Not that the FlashPac didn’t do it’s job, its just that it was pretty slow and didn’t have a display that could be used to view the images. Without hesitation I turned back to Wolverine to see what they had available and I found the new ESP Digital Photo Album and Multimedia Player.