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Photography Basics: Beginners Guide to Aperture

As part of our Photography Basics series we talked about Exposure already and this time we are going to cover the mystery of aperture. Aperture is probably the least understood setting of everything on your camera. While shutter settings are very easy to understand, to long of a shutter speed and you will get blurring, pretty simple stuff. Same with ISO, too high of ISO and you introduce digital noise. But learning how to use aperture properly can kill brain cells faster than a frat house kegger party.

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RAW vs. JPEG – Deciding which is best for you

Yes, RAW vs. JPEG, the seemingly endless debate, almost as bad as Mac vs. PC or Film vs. Digital and people have been asking me to write up an article on this based on my opinion and experience and I have really put this article off for a long time as I wanted to be as unbiased in how I write this given that this is a very biased topic.

Learning to shoot in manual mode 20

Learning to shoot in manual mode

While today’s cameras do a pretty good job when in fully automatic mode, in order to make the most of your camera you should learn how to use your camera on the manual setting. To go full manual you will need to have an understanding of shutter speed, aperture settings, and ISO speed. In this article we will get you going and get you shooting like a pro.

Podcast #40 – Picking the winner of the converging lines contest with Roberto Valenzuela 3

Podcast #40 – Picking the winner of the converging lines contest with Roberto Valenzuela

Kerry and David discuss some of the cool finds from the PMA 2009 show (see CameraDojo.com for video highlights). The guys also announce the details for the next photo contest that will begin this week called Exciting Lighting, the winner will get a free seat at David Ziser’s Digital Wakeup Call tour. Complete details for the new contest will be posted this coming week.

WPPI Highlights – Part 2 – Video Interviews 10

WPPI Highlights – Part 2 – Video Interviews

In today’s WPPI highlights we talk to the folks at A Portrait Project to learn more about this incredible new foundation that provides photographs to women who have been victims of abuse so that they can start rebuilding their new lives, there new site will be up and running soon and we will post more information as it becomes available. We also talk to Jennifer from Triple Scoop Music (http://triplescoopmusic.com) and Ron Henry from BlackRapid, makers of the R-Strap (http://blackrapid.com).

WPPI Highlights Part 1 6

WPPI Highlights Part 1

This WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) has been a great show already with tons of great speakers, two huge ballrooms of vendors, and lots of great networking with other photographers. Unfortunately you can’t be in multiple places at the same time so you have to pick and choose which speakers to go see.

Podcast #36 – Conversation with Pictage CEO Jason Kiefer 11

Podcast #36 – Conversation with Pictage CEO Jason Kiefer

Kerry and David talk to Jason Kiefer, the CEO of Pictage, to discuss how photographers can get more revenue by selling prints and how to maximize those print sales by understanding who it is that is buying the prints.

Podcast #33 – Conversation with Carlos Baez 12

Podcast #33 – Conversation with Carlos Baez

Kerry and David talk with Carlos Baez about the recent controversy over the new video called Engage (http://engagingfilms.com), using specialty lenses, getting started with lighting, trends in wedding photography, staying inspired, and much more.

List of Free Adobe Lightroom Presets 5

List of Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

We get asked all the time for more and more Lightroom presets and were do find good free ones. I have been working on this list for a while now and will do my best to keep it updated. If you have suggestions for us to add to the list, please leave a comment. I have tried to only list sites that have more than just a couple of presets but if you know of some really good ones, be sure and let me know.

Photo Contest – Converging Lines 1

Photo Contest – Converging Lines

While it may be the middle of winter for some of you, we are going to launch a new photo contest based on an idea from a recent podcast host, Roberto Valenzuela. This contest is going to be about ‘Converging Lines”. Since an image with converging lines adds a nice dimension to your images, it seems like good practice to go out and shoot some images with this as a theme.

Podcast #32 – Conversation with David Ziser – Master Wedding Photographer 9

Podcast #32 – Conversation with David Ziser – Master Wedding Photographer

You may be seeing some weirdness in the lists of articles on and off today. We are making some changes to the architecture under the hood so it will be compatible with an upcoming theme change. Please bear with us, all the content is here and all the links work, its just some of the descriptions are a little funky while we are making these coding changes. Thank you.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions 14

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions

Oh Canon 5D Mk II, how doest I love thee, let me count the ways. That could pretty much sum up my impressions of the newest camera from the folks at Canon but it probably doesn’t tell you what you really need to know. I certainly don’t have the testing lab that DPReview or Popular Photography has to tell you all the little specs and test results, but as someone who is shooting all the time, I figured I would get my hands on one and see if it really is all that it is hyped up to be.

20 Best Photography Websites of 2008 13

20 Best Photography Websites of 2008

2008 was certainly a banner year for photography enthusiasts when it comes to the number and quality of websites that you have to choose from. We certainly appreciate all the visitors here at cameradojo.com and hope we are doing a good job at bringing you good information and we are always thrilled to see our name on lists like this. Now it’s our turn to pay tribute to some of the best sites out there that we read on a regular basis.

OnOne Software’s Focal Point 2

OnOne Software’s Focal Point

Focal Point is OneOne Software’s newest Photoshop plug-in that allows you to create images with selective focus and edge vignette effects. Using these techniques you can guide the viewer’s eye to the spot in the image that you want them to look at. Using an easy to use “focus bug” you can control the sweet spot, the amount and kind of blur. These types of effects have only been possible with expensive specialty lenses before. Does Focal Point deliver on the goods? We decided to try it out for ourselves and see what we thought about it.

Poll Results – How much do you shoot 0

Poll Results – How much do you shoot

Time to change out the poll and review the results of the last one. Our last poll was about how many photos do you take per week and the numbers were actually very interesting.

* 23% shoot 101 – 250 images per week
That is a lot of people shooting a lot of images, good for you! Keep it up and post some in the forums

Comparison of HDR Techniques 15

Comparison of HDR Techniques

HDR Photography is a method of combining multiple exposures into a single image in order to achieve a greater dynamic range in an image. If that sounded a bit complex, let’s break that down a bit more. If I take a photo, the sensor only can capture a given range from light to dark, in a normally exposed image, you may lose some detail in the darkest areas and you may lose some detail in the brightest areas. But if we can take an normal exposure, an underexposed image (to get the detail in the highlights) and an overexposed image (to get the details in the shadows) and combine them into a single image, then we can get a new image that can be the best of all three.

Should you do work for free? 8

Should you do work for free?

David Hobby (http://strobist.com) has posted a thought provoking article today about whether or not you should consider doing work for free. This isn’t to say you should go on Craigslist and post that you will perform wedding photography worth thousands of dollars to everyone that emails you.