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Podcast #127 – Sony NEX Camera Showdown

In this episode Kerry Garrison, Debra Ekas, and Brandon Cruz head out to a park to compare the Sony NEX 5n, NEX 6, and NEX 7 mirrorless cameras. The audio for this show isn’t...

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Review: Fotodiox FD to NEX Adapter

As you may have noticed recently, I have become almost obsessed with my new Sony NEX 5n. With image quality surpassing most current prosumer DSLRs, the 5n is also a a fun camera to...

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Review: Gentled IR Trigger for the Sony NEX 5n

If you have seen me anywhere lately, you would see me with my Sony NEX 5n. You can probably tell by some of the recent articles (here, here, here, here).  As much as I like the camera...