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How to clean your lenses 0

How to clean your lenses

Keeping your lenses clean is easier than most people think but does require a few things to make sure you do it properly. This week, I show you the best way to clean your lenses....

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Podcast #125 – Team Dojo Discusses Lenses

Team Dojo all gets together to talk about a handful of different topics including what kinds of lenses are best for portraits, which are our favorite lenses, and which lenses we take to every...

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Sigma Announces Programmable Lenses

Newly developed “USB DOCK” exclusively for new product lines. Along with the new lenses announced this week at Photokina is a whole new way to customize your lenses. Sigma has created a new piece...

How to choose a new lens 0

How to choose a new lens

With so many lens choices to choose from, how can you possible know what kind of lens to get and if it will do what you want? In this article we will walk you through the different features of standard lenses so that you can learn how to pick out the right lens for the type of shooting you do.

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Podcast #100 – Talking About Lenses

Welcome back to the Camera Dojo podcast. I know some people really liked the GoCast series and some people didn’t. Overwhelmingly people asked for more of a standard audio podcast with a co-host like...

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GoCast #19 – How to choose the right equipment

With different camera bodies, lenses, and countless accessories available, deciding what to buy that will really make a difference is often very difficult. In this episode Kerry Garrison discusses how to go about picking...

Sigma 8-16mm F/4-5.6 DC HSM Review 3

Sigma 8-16mm F/4-5.6 DC HSM Review

If you are a photographer that is using an APS-C sized sensor like the Canon 50D, 60D, or 7D you may suffer from wide-angle envy compared to photographers who have full-frame sensors like the...

Choosing a travel lens 3

Choosing a travel lens

I get asked a lot about what kind of lenses to use for different situations and since I needed to select the lenses I would be traveling with here to Maui, I decided this...

Podcast #76 – Conversation with David Ziser – Choosing the right aperture 1

Podcast #76 – Conversation with David Ziser – Choosing the right aperture

This week I sat down with David Ziser to discuss a handful of topics including how to choose the right aperture for a particular shot, determining the depth of field for a particular shot,...

Visit with Sigma at PMA 2010 1

Visit with Sigma at PMA 2010

The Camera Dojo crew stopped by the Sigma booth to talk to both their lens expert and their camera guru. Find out all the new things happening with Sigma in the following video interview.