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The Sunny 16 Rule in Photography

Although you may think that no two situations are alike, the fact is that there are quite a few constants that you can rely on to give you a good starting point. The sun is one of these things you can count on to be consistent. Of course there are things that affect the sun’s output like the time of day, haze, fog, and clouds, but on a bright sunny day the light output is very consistent and knowing the camera settings for this condition will give you a guideline to make adjustments. This is where the “sunny 16” rule comes into play.

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Photography Basics: Beginners Guide to Aperture

As part of our Photography Basics series we talked about Exposure already and this time we are going to cover the mystery of aperture. Aperture is probably the least understood setting of everything on your camera. While shutter settings are very easy to understand, to long of a shutter speed and you will get blurring, pretty simple stuff. Same with ISO, too high of ISO and you introduce digital noise. But learning how to use aperture properly can kill brain cells faster than a frat house kegger party.

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Beginner’s Guide to Exposure (Kindle eBook)

Many people told me that they needed a very simple guide to help them get started with understanding exposure.  This prompted me to write The Beginner’s Guide to Exposure. This eBook explains in extremely simple,...

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All About Light eBook

The All About Light eBook is now available! With over 50 pages of information, All About Light is one of the most comprehensive eBooks available. With a low price of only $4.99, All About Light is an excellent value. This...

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Using a Light Meter for Proper Exposure

I have heard the phrase “I don’t need no stinking light meter” more times than I can count, your LCD display and histogram are all you need for a perfect exposure right? Would you be surprised if I told you that your camera was lying to you? We first need to know why our LCD and histogram is wrong before we can believe that using a light meter will be of benefit.

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GoCast #4 – Learning your gear

In this GoCast episode Kerry Garrison talks about learning your gear inside and out and why this is important. Kerry talks about why you should strive to learn how to use your camera and...

Photography Basics: Controlling Exposure 10

Photography Basics: Controlling Exposure

We are beginning a series we are going to call photography basics to help explore the basics of digital photography. While the focus is on digital photography, all of the concepts will apply whether you are shooting film or digital. In this first installment we are going to look at how to control exposure by manipulating the different settings on the camera such as ISO, Shutter, and Aperture. Upcoming installments will focus on other areas such as depth of field, motion control, and specific shooting scenarios.

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Learning to shoot in manual mode

While today’s cameras do a pretty good job when in fully automatic mode, in order to make the most of your camera you should learn how to use your camera on the manual setting. To go full manual you will need to have an understanding of shutter speed, aperture settings, and ISO speed. In this article we will get you going and get you shooting like a pro.

Can Digital Photographers Shoot with Film? 10

Can Digital Photographers Shoot with Film?

It’s a pretty safe bet anymore that many people who are shooting with digital SLR’s have never shot a film camera outside of possibly an APS cameras or some other mostly point-and-shoot or disposable...

Getting The Shot – Salton Sea Sunrise 8

Getting The Shot – Salton Sea Sunrise

I’m going to try something new here. Usually I talk about some technique and build up to getting a shot with that technique. In this series I am going to show you a picture...

Canon EOS 50D Review 28

Canon EOS 50D Review

While the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been getting all the hype since it’s release. However, the 50D which came out about the same time has been getting virtually zero publicity because of it’s bigger brothers full-frame sensor and video capabilities. So let’s take a good look at the EOS 50D and see if it is really worth an upgrade or if its just a minor refresh of the previous 40D.

Canon Announces EOS Rebel T1i w/HD Video 3

Canon Announces EOS Rebel T1i w/HD Video

Canon’s new EOS Rebel T1i is packed with features, both refined and new. In addition to its admirable performance with an all-new 15.1 Megapixel Canon CMOS sensor, DIGIC 4 Image Processor, a 3.0-inch Clear View LCD with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating, and compatibility with the EOS System of lenses and Speedlites, the EOS Rebel T1i adds remarkable Full HD video capture at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

Understanding Exposure with the Exposure Triangle 16

Understanding Exposure with the Exposure Triangle

Based on comments and emails I have received there are still some people that are confused about how the three elements of exposure play together to determine how dark or bright an image is. Today I want you to think of the three elements of exposure as the three points of a triangle each having an equal effect on the final exposure of the image.