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Top 3 DSLR Camera for Beginners Reviews

Even though smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and the same goes for mirrorless cameras, there is still a serious need for something more powerful if you are serious about photography or simply...

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Poor Man’s DSLR Focus Pulling

One of the best things about shooting video with a DSLR is the ability to use lenses with large apertures in order to have a short depth of field. This allows you to change...

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Canon Announces EOS 6D – Budget Full Frame DSLR

I have never quite understood how some companies decide on product names and often, just as you get it figured out, the company does something that makes you scratch your head. Thus is the...

The Standard Three Light Portrait Setup 4

The Standard Three Light Portrait Setup

I get asked all the time what a really solid portrait lighting setup should consist of. My stock answer is a softbox as the main light, a shoot through umbrella for fill and a...

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JuicedLink DS214 Amp w/AGC Disable Review

Recently I wrote about why audio recording on DSLR’s sucks so bad. While you can fix the audio issues on the 5D Mk II with the Magic Lantern Firmware you are still don’t have...

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Why DSLR Audio Recording Sucks and What To Do About It

There is no question that video recording with a DSLR such as a Canon EOS 7D or 5D Mk II can create absolutely stunning visual effects. The fact that we are seeing cameras like...

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Video capability coming to Canon 50D

If you have a 5D Mk II you may already know about the Magic Lantern firmware hack that adds a bunch of features that really help cinematographers. One key feature is the ability to...

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Getting Started with DSLR Video

Ok, so I finally broke down and bought a new camera, I picked up a 7D  and so my 50D has been relegated to being a backup camera. While you could certainly go one...

Photography Basics: Controlling Exposure 10

Photography Basics: Controlling Exposure

We are beginning a series we are going to call photography basics to help explore the basics of digital photography. While the focus is on digital photography, all of the concepts will apply whether you are shooting film or digital. In this first installment we are going to look at how to control exposure by manipulating the different settings on the camera such as ISO, Shutter, and Aperture. Upcoming installments will focus on other areas such as depth of field, motion control, and specific shooting scenarios.