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Mastering Your Flash 101 – High Speed Sync 41

Mastering Your Flash 101 – High Speed Sync

One of my favorite features of speedlites is High Speed Sync. This feature allows you to work with speedlites way past your camera’s normal sync speed (1/160 – 1/250 depending on camera). By shooting...

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Poor Man’s DSLR Focus Pulling

One of the best things about shooting video with a DSLR is the ability to use lenses with large apertures in order to have a short depth of field. This allows you to change...

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Podcast #123 – Ed Krisiak Visits Photo Plus Expo 2012

Our roving reporter Ed Krisiak heads out to New York for this year’s Photo Plus Expo 2012. During this show we discuss some of the latest products from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many more....

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How to Calculate Depth of Field

A big stumbling block for many new camera users is how to figure out how much depth of field a particular image will have it in given the focal length of the lens, the aperture used and the distance to the subject. Trust me on this, trying to do the algebra to figure it out is not something most people want to try to do in their heads. In this article we will cover all of the math involved and then make it real easy with an Excel spreadsheet and some links to some free applications to help you out.

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Review: Fotodiox FD to NEX Adapter

As you may have noticed recently, I have become almost obsessed with my new Sony NEX 5n. With image quality surpassing most current prosumer DSLRs, the 5n is also a a fun camera to...

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Podcast #118 – Conversation with Syl Arena

It’s been far too long since we have had our good friend Syl Arena on the show and with his crazy schedule (and hair) it’s no wonder. We finally managed to schedule a time...

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Canon Announces EOS 6D – Budget Full Frame DSLR

I have never quite understood how some companies decide on product names and often, just as you get it figured out, the company does something that makes you scratch your head. Thus is the...

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Canon Updates EOS 7D Firmware to 2.0.3

Just last month Canon released the new EOS 7D Firmware 2.0 and today they have pushed out a little maintenance release. This firmware release doesn’t add any new features but corrects a few issues...

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Canon EOS 7D Firmware 2.0 Now Available

The next evolution of the EOS 7D has arrived! Firmware Version 2.0.X brings the EOS 7D up to speed with the best technologies Canon has to offer, delivering performance and features befitting the flagship APS-C EOS DSLR....

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RAW vs. JPEG – Deciding which is best for you

Yes, RAW vs. JPEG, the seemingly endless debate, almost as bad as Mac vs. PC or Film vs. Digital and people have been asking me to write up an article on this based on my opinion and experience and I have really put this article off for a long time as I wanted to be as unbiased in how I write this given that this is a very biased topic.

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Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera

The long awaited mirrorless offering from Canon is now official, along with a bevy of new lenses. The system will launch with 2 lenses, the EF-M 22 f/2 STM & EF-M 18-55 IS. A...

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Lightroom 4.1 RC1 Available

While Lightroom 4 came out and was extremely solid, there are always a few glitches that will be found when tens of thousands of people start pounding on it. This release candidate features a...