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Adobe RGB vs sRGB vs ProPhoto RGB

Mac versus PC, RAW versus JPEG, Coke versus Pepsi, all solid battles in their own right but Adobe RGB versus sRGB is still one that confuses more people than anything else. One of the problems is that there is big name experts on both sides of this argument arguring why their side is right and the other is totally off-base. What we will try to do is to show how both affect images so that you can choose the right one for your situation.

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How to Calculate Depth of Field

A big stumbling block for many new camera users is how to figure out how much depth of field a particular image will have it in given the focal length of the lens, the aperture used and the distance to the subject. Trust me on this, trying to do the algebra to figure it out is not something most people want to try to do in their heads. In this article we will cover all of the math involved and then make it real easy with an Excel spreadsheet and some links to some free applications to help you out.

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Photography Weekly Wrap Up 9/29/12

Once again I have scoured the web for the best photography related articles, posts, and news from around the blogosphere. This week I bring you 25 great posts to keep you busy reading all...

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Photography Weekly Wrap Up

It’s Saturday morning so it must be time for a weekly wrap up of photography articles from around the web. Friday Flashback: Building a Rail System for your Video DSLR (Camera Dojo) Book Review: So You...

Would You Like To Write for Camera Dojo? 0

Would You Like To Write for Camera Dojo?

Every so often someone asks if they can submit an article to Camera Dojo and the answer is always yes. So why don’t we see very many guest posts here? Well, the simple answer...

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RAW vs. JPEG – Deciding which is best for you

Yes, RAW vs. JPEG, the seemingly endless debate, almost as bad as Mac vs. PC or Film vs. Digital and people have been asking me to write up an article on this based on my opinion and experience and I have really put this article off for a long time as I wanted to be as unbiased in how I write this given that this is a very biased topic.

Learning to shoot in manual mode 20

Learning to shoot in manual mode

While today’s cameras do a pretty good job when in fully automatic mode, in order to make the most of your camera you should learn how to use your camera on the manual setting. To go full manual you will need to have an understanding of shutter speed, aperture settings, and ISO speed. In this article we will get you going and get you shooting like a pro.

Understanding Exposure with the Exposure Triangle 16

Understanding Exposure with the Exposure Triangle

Based on comments and emails I have received there are still some people that are confused about how the three elements of exposure play together to determine how dark or bright an image is. Today I want you to think of the three elements of exposure as the three points of a triangle each having an equal effect on the final exposure of the image.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions 14

Canon EOS 5D Mk II Hands-On Impressions

Oh Canon 5D Mk II, how doest I love thee, let me count the ways. That could pretty much sum up my impressions of the newest camera from the folks at Canon but it probably doesn’t tell you what you really need to know. I certainly don’t have the testing lab that DPReview or Popular Photography has to tell you all the little specs and test results, but as someone who is shooting all the time, I figured I would get my hands on one and see if it really is all that it is hyped up to be.

Podcast #29 – Shooting the Zebra’s Butt with Roberto Valenzuela 18

Podcast #29 – Shooting the Zebra’s Butt with Roberto Valenzuela

In this episode, Kerry and David sit down with Roberto Valenzuela from Beverly Hills, CA who is a remarkably skilled wedding photographer. Roberto talks about getting started and “finding his eye”. Roberto gives some helpful tips on how to practice different techniques to improve your skills.

Comparison of HDR Techniques 15

Comparison of HDR Techniques

HDR Photography is a method of combining multiple exposures into a single image in order to achieve a greater dynamic range in an image. If that sounded a bit complex, let’s break that down a bit more. If I take a photo, the sensor only can capture a given range from light to dark, in a normally exposed image, you may lose some detail in the darkest areas and you may lose some detail in the brightest areas. But if we can take an normal exposure, an underexposed image (to get the detail in the highlights) and an overexposed image (to get the details in the shadows) and combine them into a single image, then we can get a new image that can be the best of all three.

Should you do work for free? 8

Should you do work for free?

David Hobby (http://strobist.com) has posted a thought provoking article today about whether or not you should consider doing work for free. This isn’t to say you should go on Craigslist and post that you will perform wedding photography worth thousands of dollars to everyone that emails you.

Compact Flash Memory cards – is yours a fake? 11

Compact Flash Memory cards – is yours a fake?

I have been wanting to write this article for some time now… ever since I received a really bad fake SandDisk Ultra II Compact Flash card a few years back. After doing some research online, I found a few others that were getting the same crap cards from their online purchases.

Podcast #16 – Lightroom 2.1, New Cameras, Other News 2

Podcast #16 – Lightroom 2.1, New Cameras, Other News

I am all alone this week to do the podcast but there is lots of news and new articles out to talk about. From software updates to new cameras from Canon. Be sure and check it out. Also be sure and come to the forums to discuss the show, the news, and anything else photography related or not.

Using manual flashes with PC Sync 0

Using manual flashes with PC Sync

We have done a number of articles with different flash heads but we have never gone into the detail of how to set them up and make them work, this results in emails that we sit and explain all the details to people. So today I am going to go through how to setup these studio flashes and connect them to your camera to get the results you want.

Podcast #14 – Lots of news and new articles 3

Podcast #14 – Lots of news and new articles

This week I got together with my regular co-host David Esquire from Esquire Photography and recorded another podcast this week. We covered all the latest news about the new Canon and Nikon gear as well as some new software updates.

Podcast #13 – Current news and info 0

Podcast #13 – Current news and info

This week I do some catching up in the news and let you know whats been going on with Camera Dojo. We have some really exciting things coming up with some interviews and tons of articles this month. In this episode I cover the latest news including:

R-Strap Camera Strap Review 19

R-Strap Camera Strap Review

We knew when we sat down to write this review that many of your would be sitting there thinking that the guys at the Dojo had totally lost it if all they can come up with for a product review is a simple camera strap. In all seriousness, we have appealed to every company we know to come up with a better camera strap. The two main issues we have are comfort for shooting all day long and the security that your camera won’t fall off your shoulder.