Submit an Article

Would you like to show the world that you know what you are talking about? Would you like to help educate people? If so, writing guest posts on Camera Dojo can be your ticket to fame (ok, maybe not fame, but it sure is cool).  If you want to submit an article there are a few steps to follow to ensure the best chance of getting published.

  1. An article should be between 500-1000 words
  2. An article should include a photo or diagram at least every other paragraph
  3. The article must contain content relevant to photography, videography or the business of those
  4. The content must be your own copy, you cannot copy from another site and submit it as yours
  5. You will need to include a headshot and a short bio of yourself
  6. Articles can include links to other articles within or outside of Camera Dojo
  7. Images should be no bigger than 900px wide or 800px tall

Putting the content together

The absolute best way to submit an article is to provide HTML source code and the images in a zip file or as attachments to the email. This will minimize the amount of work needed and make it easy to see where you want specific images to go.

The next best way is simply a text file or Word document of the content with places marked for images such asso we know where to put images along with the images . The content and images should be in a zip file or as attachments to the email

Do Not send Word documents with the images embedded without sending the images by themselves. It is a pain to remove the images from the Word document and have them look good.

Send your completed text and images to