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Review: Sticky Filters Gel Kit

I love using gels on my speedlites, from basic color correction to faking a blue sky to creating colored backgrounds, gels can really come in handy. The downside is finding a way to put...

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Podcast #121- Conversation with Kevin Kubota

This week Kerry and Chris catch up on the new Fuji firmware and then bring in this week’s guest, Kevin Kubota. Kevin made his mark in central Oregon as one of the premiere wedding...

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Photography Weekly Wrap Up 10/13/2012

Another week, another great list of the best articles to read through from around the web. Friday Poll Day – Podcast Length (CameraDojo) Beginner’s Guide to Exposure (Kindle eBook) (CameraDojo) Mastering Your Flash 101 – High...

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Friday Poll Day – Podcast Length

Usually I take Fridays off from writing content but I wanted to do something to make Fridays a little interesting so my goal is to make things a little more interactive with a new...

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Using Common Filters

While there are dozens of different types of filters you can put on your lenses for different effects, there are three very common filters that everyone should have in their camera kit, the circular polarizing filter, the neutral density filter, and the UV filter. In this article we will discuss what these three filters are and the effects that it can add to your images.

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Podcast #120 – Conversation with Nick Didlick

This week our regular Co-Host Chris Diset is out sick so our show coordinator Debra Ekas stepped up as co-host. Since this week’s guest, Nick Didlick, was Debra’s idea, it was a great show...

Photography Weekly Wrap Up 10/6/2012 0

Photography Weekly Wrap Up 10/6/2012

Here’s your weekly wrap-up of photography news and links from around the web this week. We have a LOT of new links for you this week so pour yourself a beverage and sit back...

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Smugmug Releases Camera Awesome for iPad

Smugmug has taken the Camera Awesome app for iPhone and come up with a completely new and unique experience for iPad users. Camera Awesome for iPad supports the newly-released iOS 6 and takes full advantage...

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Eye-Fi Unveils 16GB Wireless Memory Card

As a fan of the Eye-Fi Cards, I have enjoyed their features and abilities to do wireless tethering, the downside has always been the small 8gb storage size. When I am out on the...

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Review: Fotodiox FD to NEX Adapter

As you may have noticed recently, I have become almost obsessed with my new Sony NEX 5n. With image quality surpassing most current prosumer DSLRs, the 5n is also a a fun camera to...

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Podcast #119 – Conversation with Vincent Versace

In what is the longest Camera Dojo Podcast ever, we spend the evening with Vincent Versace. During this podcast we discuss how we should be paying attention to the blur in our images more than what...

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Photography Weekly Wrap Up 9/29/12

Once again I have scoured the web for the best photography related articles, posts, and news from around the blogosphere. This week I bring you 25 great posts to keep you busy reading all...

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Fall Photo Contest: Water

It may be Fall in some parts of the country but here in southern California we are in the middle of our Summer season and we are doing the best we can to cool...