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Using a quick checklist 6

Using a quick checklist

f you haven’t visited the L7Foto Flickr Group, we post regular assignments to help people have inspiration for taking different types of pictures. This new assignment is for you to go out and take a picture where you live that shows something unique or special about your city and shows what winter in your city is like.

Free Lightroom Presets for Christmas 9

Free Lightroom Presets for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas we have put out our first set of develop presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the first set, Lightroom Essentials, is FREE and is designed to help make working with large batches of images easier.

Westcott Spiderlite TD5 Review 19

Westcott Spiderlite TD5 Review

We are certainly fans of constant lights for beginners with their “what you see is what you get” approach and some of our favorite lights are our Photo Basics kit which we use all the time for different projects. The main problem with constant lights is the heat generated by the bulbs. On a recent product shoot we added up 3000w of lights running which brought up the temperature in the room VERY quickly and I swear I ended up with a mild sunburn by the end.

Welcome PPS’ers! 0

Welcome PPS’ers!

Gavin over at The Pro Photo Show put up a nice link to our recent article about shooting in manual mode. If you haven’t heard of Gavin’s site or his podcast, I encourage you to subscribe to it. It is on my list of “must listen to podcasts every week. Please go see what’s going on over there!

DSLR Myths – Cold Weather is Bad for Your DLSR 8

DSLR Myths – Cold Weather is Bad for Your DLSR

Here is another in our Mythbusting series. Today we answer the question “is using your camera in cold weather bad for your camera?” This origin of this myth is from anecdotal evidence of people having camera failures and other strange things being attributed to being used in the cold. Is this real, imagined, or a coincidence? Let’s take a look inside this myth and find out what’s really going on.

Common DSLR Myths – Always Use The Lowest ISO 17

Common DSLR Myths – Always Use The Lowest ISO

In the first of our Mythbusting series we are going to look at a common myth that you should always use the lowest ISO number possible to get the best results This is based on the knowledge that the higher the ISO number you use, the more noise (digital artifacts) will be created in your image While this is certainly true, what we are going to examine in this article is wether or not you should always shoot in the lowest ISO number your camera can handle in order to get the best images Will this myth be confirmed or busted?

DSLR Remote Pro Review 7

DSLR Remote Pro Review

Not everyone will ever have the need to shoot tethered to a computer but if you do, it can really come in handy. Whether it is for quickly getting your shots to your computer, using the computer to control the camera’s settings remotely, or to easily send the image to a monitor for other people to review live, shooting tethered is sometimes the only way to do what you want.

Phottix Wireless Remote Control Review 18

Phottix Wireless Remote Control Review

For most general purpose photography you probably won’t ever need a remote control. However, if you are doing product shots, macro shots, and especially long exposure shots, using a remote control can help avoid the camera shake of pressing the shutter on the camera. There are both cheap and pricey wired remotes but Phottix decided to go one better and make their remote wireless. Continue reading to find out all the details.

Preparing for a wedding shoot 3

Preparing for a wedding shoot

This weekend I am shooting a small wedding in Anaheim in conjunction with Esquire Photography, and with 5 days to go before the shoot I thought it would be good to go through all the preparation that goes into a shoot like this. A wedding is very different than any other shoot as there are no re-takes, no reschedules, and you can’t make any mistakes or miss any of the important shots. So how do you prepare for a wedding shoot? Simply put, planning, planning, planning!

Phottix Battery Grip for Canon EOS 350D/400D/XT/XTi 0

Phottix Battery Grip for Canon EOS 350D/400D/XT/XTi

We recently got hold of the Phottix Battery Grip with built-in rechargeable battery to test out on our Canon Rebel XTI. I have to admit… this is a pretty cool item for the price, and its incredibly convenient. If you shoot your Digital Rebel a lot, this is one of those “must have” items, for the price.

Lightroom 1.2 – Noise Reduction 0

Lightroom 1.2 – Noise Reduction

Adobe has released the update to Lightroom 1.2 with a number of improvements and support for more cameras like the Canon EOS 40D. One thing that caught our eye was better noise reduction for Bayer sensor cameras. What this may sound like an oddball technical phrase, this applies to a lot of cameras such as Canon’s and Nikons. We wanted to take a look at this feature and see what kind of a difference it would make.

Canon EOS 40D – A Hands-On Review 0

Canon EOS 40D – A Hands-On Review

There are plenty of technical articles out there covering all of the details and specs and differences with the EOS 40D. I think this camera is going to be one of the most significant cameras of the coming year, so I am going to go over a few of my experiences with it, now that I have had one for a week.

Think Tank Photo Modulus Speed Set Review 2

Think Tank Photo Modulus Speed Set Review

While a good camera bag, like the Change Up bag we recently reviewed, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting to your gear quickly as well as keeping it safe when traveling, even the best bag can still be a little cumbersome when you really need to get to your gear when the action is in full swing. When you have a few lenses and accessories you need to carry, sometimes a bag just doesn’t cut it. The Think Tank Photo Module Speed Set is designed for the photographer on the go that has to be as mobile as possible and still have access to as much equipment as possible.

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot – Product Shot with Strobes 4

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot – Product Shot with Strobes

I do a lot of product work and getting the lighting right is always a challenge because different types of objects will reflect light differently. A very dark object may need a lot more light on it to pull out the detail where a shiny object may cause you all kinds of grief with reflections. Often, getting things just right is just a matter of trial and error, but starting with a decent setup can save you tons of work later. Today we will dissect a recent product shoot and see why I decided to use flash heads.

Using a photography umbrella 4

Using a photography umbrella

A photographic umbrella (known as a brolly in some places) is exactly what it sounds like, just like the umbrella you would use in the rain except these are designed to bounce, reflect, or soften a light source. There are two basic types of umbrellas, bounce and shoot thru. A bounce umbrella is one that you aim the light into and bounce back towards the subject and a shoot thru umbrella is where the light is aimed at the subject through the umbrella making the umbrella act like a large softbox.

Think Tank Photo Change Up Bag Review 5

Think Tank Photo Change Up Bag Review

It seems like every day there is another company popping up making camera bags and accessories. For the most part, these other bags are cheap imports that you wouldn’t dare trust to secure your precious equipment nor are they designed with how you work in mind. The folks are Think Tank Photo separate themselves from the pack with extremely high quality bags designed by professional photographers.

Episode 1 Show Notes 1

Episode 1 Show Notes

Well the polls told us you wanted a regular podcast so here we are kicking it off. This week I host it myself and bring everyone up to speed on current articles as well as some news items of interested. Please check it out and leave us some feedback so we know exactly what you would like to “hear” from us. Each show will have show notes (continue reading) to help you link over to any articles or other sites that we mention. Check it out, let us know what you think.

Think Tank Photo Announces new Change Up Bag 1

Think Tank Photo Announces new Change Up Bag

For photographers who require a sturdy field bag they can use in a variety of settings, Think Tank Photo announces the release of the Change Up. This one bag changes form as a belt pack, a shoulder bag, and even can be carried on the chest when supported by the enclosed harness system.