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Using a photography umbrella 4

Using a photography umbrella

A photographic umbrella (known as a brolly in some places) is exactly what it sounds like, just like the umbrella you would use in the rain except these are designed to bounce, reflect, or soften a light source. There are two basic types of umbrellas, bounce and shoot thru. A bounce umbrella is one that you aim the light into and bounce back towards the subject and a shoot thru umbrella is where the light is aimed at the subject through the umbrella making the umbrella act like a large softbox.

Think Tank Photo Change Up Bag Review 5

Think Tank Photo Change Up Bag Review

It seems like every day there is another company popping up making camera bags and accessories. For the most part, these other bags are cheap imports that you wouldn’t dare trust to secure your precious equipment nor are they designed with how you work in mind. The folks are Think Tank Photo separate themselves from the pack with extremely high quality bags designed by professional photographers.

Episode 1 Show Notes 1

Episode 1 Show Notes

Well the polls told us you wanted a regular podcast so here we are kicking it off. This week I host it myself and bring everyone up to speed on current articles as well as some news items of interested. Please check it out and leave us some feedback so we know exactly what you would like to “hear” from us. Each show will have show notes (continue reading) to help you link over to any articles or other sites that we mention. Check it out, let us know what you think.

Think Tank Photo Announces new Change Up Bag 1

Think Tank Photo Announces new Change Up Bag

For photographers who require a sturdy field bag they can use in a variety of settings, Think Tank Photo announces the release of the Change Up. This one bag changes form as a belt pack, a shoulder bag, and even can be carried on the chest when supported by the enclosed harness system.

Photo Basics 3-Light Kit Review 10

Photo Basics 3-Light Kit Review

One of the main problems that many people have when starting off is getting their lighting to look right. Westcott is one of the biggest and oldest lighting companies around and recently they came up with the idea of a lighting kit for beginners.

Mennon Camera Grips and Straps 3

Mennon Camera Grips and Straps

As we have been impressed in the past with the price and quality Mennon’s products, we decided to take a look at some more items from their product line. Today we looked at the Mennon Camera Grip for SLR cameras and a couple of straps for SLRs and Digital Video Cameras.

Carbonite Off-Site Storage Review 3

Carbonite Off-Site Storage Review

Carbonite ( is an off-site storage solution whose mission statement is “Our mission is to provide an inexpensive, reliable and truly easy-to-use solution for the mainstream PC user; one that is simple, safe and always onâ„¢.” As photographers, backup should be a SERIOUS consideration and anything that is simple, automatic, and affordable sounds like something we should all look at.

Interview with Wedding Photographer David Esquire 2

Interview with Wedding Photographer David Esquire

We recently got the time to sit down with our good friend David Esquire of Esquire Photography in Huntington Beach California. David has been in the photography business for over 20 years shooting events such as the X-Games and doing shoots for companies such as Slim Jim, Sports Illustrated, and The Warped Tour.

Amvona DP-LH-3497O enSuite Light Head Kit Review 1

Amvona DP-LH-3497O enSuite Light Head Kit Review

Lighting is a difficult concept to master but to put it simply, the larger the light source, the softer the shadows are going to be. A large softbox will really do wonders for portrait and product photography. The Amvona DP-LH-3497O enSuiteâ„¢ Light Head kit is a great example of this giving you a large diffuse light source at an incredibly affordable price.

Mashable – 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources 0

Mashable – 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources

Over at Mashable, they have posted an article with links to over 90 online photography tools and resources. From online photo editors, photo sharing sites, free photo hosting, photo blogs, and much more. Be sure and check it out and bookmark the page.

Cactus Wireless Remote Shutter Release 2

Cactus Wireless Remote Shutter Release

When doing long exposure shots or when working closely with your subject, a remote shutter release for you camera can prove invaluable. It used to be that wired remotes ruled the market. These days, wireless remotes are becoming very affordable. But how good is a wireless switch when compared to a wired one?

Gadget Infinity Wide Angle Lens Review 2

Gadget Infinity Wide Angle Lens Review

We have done a number of tutorials lately so we thought it was time for another inexpensive product review. This time we go back to our friends at Gadget Infinity to review an unbelievably affordable wide angle lens. We ordered the one to fit the Olympus E-500 to see how it would fair in some real world tests.

HDR images with Photomatix Pro 3

HDR images with Photomatix Pro

More and more people are trying their hand at HDR photography. Today we are going to do a complete walk through of how this amazing technique works. If you aren’t familiar with HDR, it stands for High Dynamic Range meaning you can get an image with a wider tonal range which can add detail to shadowed areas while maintaining detail in very bright areas.

Ba Wang SL-150 Studio Flash 15

Ba Wang SL-150 Studio Flash

While you can’t really mess up too bad by buying inexpensive tungsten lights like the Dynaphos lights we have reviewed in the past, buying a flash system can cause you all kinds of grief if you buy a weak unit. The lack of decent specs makes buying an inexpensive unit purely a guessing game.

Anatomy of a product shoot #2 2

Anatomy of a product shoot #2

We had to do another photo shoot today and we really pulled out all the stops with the new gear we have around. As you can see, this is a very typical product shot on a white background for use on a web page or in a magazine. In the past, we have shown some techniques with hot lights, so today we are going to use some flash units.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 3

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up, and what Dad wouldn’t like some really nice gifts for his special day? Our staff has put together a list of products and accessories that would put a smile on any man. How do we know your “Best Dad in the World†would like these?… because they came right off our own wish lists.

White Balancing Lens Cap Review 30

White Balancing Lens Cap Review

White balance is an age old problem that is becoming all too modern with so many people moving to digital SLRs. Today’s cameras all have a pretty decent auto white balance settings, from the basic point/shot cameras to the pro SLRs. There are also several “fixed” settings on many of the simple cameras and most of the SLRs like Sunlight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent, etc. But as many of you may know, these settings are not always perfect, and sometimes far from it.

Anatomy of a product shoot 0

Anatomy of a product shoot

We always take our own product shots, while manufacturer shots are usually very nice, they often can be retouched to make products look better than they really are. With the product shots for our articles, the only retouching may be to remove some stray dust.