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How to clean your lenses 0

How to clean your lenses

Keeping your lenses clean is easier than most people think but does require a few things to make sure you do it properly. This week, I show you the best way to clean your lenses....

Using a Light Meter 0

Using a Light Meter

Getting a good exposure can often be tricky even when your camera’s internal meter is showing the exposure should be correct. If you have a light mete, you can ensure a proper exposure every...

Jim Collins, CEO of Pictage at WPPI 2010 0

Jim Collins, CEO of Pictage at WPPI 2010

This week at WPPI I got to spend a few minutes with Jim Collins, the CEO of Pictage and talk about some of the new pricing and features that are coming to the Pictage...

PocketWizard at WPPI 2010 0

PocketWizard at WPPI 2010

It’s really hard to beat the flexibility and power of modern speedlites but often getting them to fire remotely can be an exercise in frustration due to issues with line-of-sight, interference, or even just...

WPPI 2010 Recap 2

WPPI 2010 Recap

WPPI, the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International trade show and conference has just ended and what an amazing show it was. From dozens of top-notch industry professionals talking about everything from technique, to marketing,...

Tamron Video – Autofocus functions and modes 1

Tamron Video – Autofocus functions and modes

In this video, Andrew from Tamron discusses the autofocus features of modern DSLRs and the different autofocus modes that are available. You will also learn when and how to use the different types of...

Video: Walking through a typical product shoot 19

Video: Walking through a typical product shoot

In this video Kerry walks through the process of doing a typical product shoot. This tutorial uses the Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 constant lights. Constant lights are great for product shots because you can easily get your lighting setup and see exactly in the viewfinder what you will get when you press the shutter.

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Video: Using Live View Mode for Macro Shots

One of my favorite shots at a wedding is the ring shot or close-up shots of specific details. For these shots I love to use a Lensbaby Composer. With many DSLR’s it can be pretty tricky because of the warping action of the Lensbaby lens along with the small viewfinder and when using the super wide angle lens it just compounds the issue on macro shots. In the past, the best I could do was to get the focus as close as possible and then take a series of shots making slight changes to the focus each time.