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Lightroom 2.2 Camera Profiles 1

Lightroom 2.2 Camera Profiles

With the release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.2, camera profiles are now built in by default. What are camera profiles? Well, let’s look start at the beginning and explain what happens to your images within Lightroom so we have a basis of reference when we get back to figuring out how to use these profiles.

Advanced Watermarking with Lightroom 30

Advanced Watermarking with Lightroom

Let’s face it, Adobe seriously dropped the ball on watermarking within Lightroom. Many of us got hints about potential new watermarking features for Lightroom 2.0 but were disappointed when there was nothing added. For many of us, Lightroom is the tool that we use for 90%+ of our workflow including prepping images for use on the web so the last thing we want to do is run some action in Photoshop or have to run an additional application to apply watermarks which reduces the image quality because the jpeg image has to be saved a second time.

Lightroom Web Gallery Module 0

Lightroom Web Gallery Module

Have you been wondering how to export your images from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? In this tutorial we go through the Web module and look at several different types of web galleries that can be created. You will see how to create a basic HTML or Flash gallery as well as exporting an Airtight Simpleviewer, AutoViewer, or Postcard Viewer slideshow.

Post Production White Balance with Adobe Lightroom 6

Post Production White Balance with Adobe Lightroom

In this video tutorial we take a look at doing white balance correction during post production with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. This lesson applies to both Lightroom 1.x and Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta.