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Using equipment that isn’t ‘cool’ anymore 1

Using equipment that isn’t ‘cool’ anymore

I am a big believer in bartering goods and services whenever possible. This week I did some computer service for a professional photographer friend of mine, in exchange he offered me one of his older studio lights. When he handed it to me I thought “what the hell is he giving me”. The old box lamp that looked like something from the dark ages. He swore this Lowel Omni Light was a top notch light.

Taking Good Product Shots 0

Taking Good Product Shots

I basically started off my photography journey doing product shots for some hobby websites I had. I was competing against big print magazines so I always strived to come up with product shots that were as good or better than what the big guys were doing.

Improving Travel Photos 2

Improving Travel Photos

As i write this I am on vacation with my wife in San Francisco and I think that taking a look at some example photographs may help you take better travel photos. While there are plenty of the basic snapshot photos, I also want to capture something a little different sometimes.