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RAW vs. JPEG – Deciding which is best for you

Yes, RAW vs. JPEG, the seemingly endless debate, almost as bad as Mac vs. PC or Film vs. Digital and people have been asking me to write up an article on this based on my opinion and experience and I have really put this article off for a long time as I wanted to be as unbiased in how I write this given that this is a very biased topic.

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How to choose a new lens

With so many lens choices to choose from, how can you possible know what kind of lens to get and if it will do what you want? In this article we will walk you through the different features of standard lenses so that you can learn how to pick out the right lens for the type of shooting you do.

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6 Ways To Be An Obnoxious Photographer

Over the years we have always talked about all the ways to be a great photographer, how to deal with customers, how to deal with coordinators and DJs, and how to act professional. Of...

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Using Gels To Fix An Ugly Sky

Yesterday I went out with the LA Shoot This! group to help lead a group shoot event but unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side. The sky was gray and boring and it...

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Using a Light Meter for Proper Exposure

I have heard the phrase “I don’t need no stinking light meter” more times than I can count, your LCD display and histogram are all you need for a perfect exposure right? Would you be surprised if I told you that your camera was lying to you? We first need to know why our LCD and histogram is wrong before we can believe that using a light meter will be of benefit.

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Low Key Studio Lighting

A Guest Post on Low Key Studio Lighting by Kyle Miller from Photography Tips I’ve talked about basic and advanced lighting techniques commonly used for virtually any studio photo shoot, but those lighting setups...

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The Standard Three Light Portrait Setup

I get asked all the time what a really solid portrait lighting setup should consist of. My stock answer is a softbox as the main light, a shoot through umbrella for fill and a...

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Ave Water Bottle Photo Shoot

This past weekend I ended up with a rather tricky product shot to do for a client. When he had originally explained the job to me he said it was a “water bottle” so...

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Video capability coming to Canon 50D

If you have a 5D Mk II you may already know about the Magic Lantern firmware hack that adds a bunch of features that really help cinematographers. One key feature is the ability to...