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Using Gels To Fix An Ugly Sky

Yesterday I went out with the LA Shoot This! group to help lead a group shoot event but unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side. The sky was gray and boring and it...

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Using a Light Meter for Proper Exposure

I have heard the phrase “I don’t need no stinking light meter” more times than I can count, your LCD display and histogram are all you need for a perfect exposure right? Would you be surprised if I told you that your camera was lying to you? We first need to know why our LCD and histogram is wrong before we can believe that using a light meter will be of benefit.

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Low Key Studio Lighting

A Guest Post on Low Key Studio Lighting by Kyle Miller from Photography Tips I’ve talked about basic and advanced lighting techniques commonly used for virtually any studio photo shoot, but those lighting setups...

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The Standard Three Light Portrait Setup

I get asked all the time what a really solid portrait lighting setup should consist of. My stock answer is a softbox as the main light, a shoot through umbrella for fill and a...

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The Two Immutable Laws Of Lighting

Recently Linda Ralston, one of my Facebook friends, asked me how I go about setting my flash exposure for some nighttime wedding shots I had posted. The conversation on Facebook led to what I...

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Using Colored Gels on Backgrounds

We have covered using colored gels for backgrounds in the past (here) and a very common question is how to get the background color dialed in properly. In this article we will walk through...

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Umbrellas Versus Softboxes

I get asked quite a bit about the difference in using an umbrella versus a softbox so I figured it was about time to do an article about it and see if I could...

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Using Light Modifiers Correctly

This weekend I was attending my wife’s graduation and watched a guy with a high end Canon camera outfitted with the latest 70-200mm f/2.8 L II lens and 580 ex II struggling for half...

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Getting the Shot – Girl on the Beach

In this installment of “Getting the Shot” we look at night shot of a girl on a beach. We  see the water crashing onto the subject and a dark sky behind her. She is...