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Rogue Photographic Design FlashBenders 3

Rogue Photographic Design FlashBenders

ExpoImaging (of Ray Flash and ExpoDisk fame) has launched a new line of light modification products under the brand Rogue Photographic Design – and are marking the occasion with the introduction of FlashBenders.

Purosol Lens Cleaner Review 7

Purosol Lens Cleaner Review

I generally keep any chemicals as far away from my DSLR as possible. I don’t use wet swaps on my sensors, I don’t use any liquids on my lenses. Ok, that being said I...

Vanguard UpRise 38 Camera Bag Review 10

Vanguard UpRise 38 Camera Bag Review

I usually travel pretty heavy when it comes to taking my camera gear anywhere but for our trip to Maui I kept looking at my camera bags and although they can haul a lot...

Quick Look: Lumodi 14″ Beauty Dish 2

Quick Look: Lumodi 14″ Beauty Dish

My friendly neighborhood postal worker dropped off a package today with two Lumodi 14″ Beauty Dishes for us to try out. I just am getting them unboxed and setup with some speedlites but wanted...

My Passport Studio for Mac from Western Digital 5

My Passport Studio for Mac from Western Digital

This weekend Western Digital gave me the opportunity to be one of the first to write a review of the brand new (introduced March 1st, 2010) My Passport Studio ultra-portable hard drive with E-label. ...

Trek-Tech TrekPod XL Review 1

Trek-Tech TrekPod XL Review

What do you get if you cross a walking stick, a monopod, and a tripod? You get a TrekPod. Think of the TreckPod as the ultimate travel tripod and the XL model is the Ferrari of the TrekPod models being made of lightweight carbon fiber and with the MagMount ball head, weighs in at only 22.5 oz

Phottix Cleon I/II Wireless Camera Triggers 12

Phottix Cleon I/II Wireless Camera Triggers

I am a big fan of using a cable release on a camera to make sure you aren’t introducing any camera shake into the image. Phottix has recently released their Cleon Wireless Remotes and...

DSLR Remote Pro – Revisiting an old friend 1

DSLR Remote Pro – Revisiting an old friend

If you have been a fan of Camera Dojo for a while you will have seen mentions of Breeze Systems’ DSLR Remote Pro. DSLR Remote Pro at its basics is a tool for doing tethered shooting, so what right? The Canon EOS Utility can do that, so why would we want to spend close to $100 for software that comes free with your camera? Let’s take a fresh look at what all DSLR Remote Pro can do for you.

Canon EOS 50D Review 28

Canon EOS 50D Review

While the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been getting all the hype since it’s release. However, the 50D which came out about the same time has been getting virtually zero publicity because of it’s bigger brothers full-frame sensor and video capabilities. So let’s take a good look at the EOS 50D and see if it is really worth an upgrade or if its just a minor refresh of the previous 40D.

PhotoBasics Green Screen Kit 4

PhotoBasics Green Screen Kit

We have all seen green screens used in special effects for films or by high-end professionals to composite images together. One of the problems with doing green screen work has always been the cost of a good green screen backdrop and affordable lighting kits. As we have seen in the past, PhotoBasics has brought the power of green screen production to the masses with an affordable new green screen kit.

Vanguard Pampas 57 Sling Camera Bag 7

Vanguard Pampas 57 Sling Camera Bag

I am always looking for the next great camera bag, especially something that offers convenience, comfort, and functionality so I was very interested in the new Pampas sling-style backpack from Vanguard.

At first look, the sling style would allow you to rotate the back to your front to have access your gear and then fling it back over your shoulder where it acts like a normal backpack.