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The Sunny 16 Rule in Photography

Although you may think that no two situations are alike, the fact is that there are quite a few constants that you can rely on to give you a good starting point. The sun is one of these things you can count on to be consistent. Of course there are things that affect the sun’s output like the time of day, haze, fog, and clouds, but on a bright sunny day the light output is very consistent and knowing the camera settings for this condition will give you a guideline to make adjustments. This is where the “sunny 16” rule comes into play.

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Podcast #132 – Jason Groupp and WPPI

Jason Groupp has been a photographer in New York for over 20 years and I am a big fan of his work, his style, and his teaching techniques. We have had Jason on the...

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Podcast Flashback – Carlos Baez

This week we flash back to early 2009 with one of the most popular podcasts in the history of Camera Dojo. In this show Kerry and David talk with Carlos Baez about the recent controversy...