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Welcome to BlackBelt Lighting products here at Camera Dojo. These videos were created specifically for you to help you make the most out of your equipment.

Using a Reflector Single Light Portrait Setup Two Light Portrait Setup


Just got my flash triggers today and did some test shots. Everything worked great, for $49.99 these are a steal! Just remember they are for manual flash only, which is a great way to really learn to use off camera flash. I have two holiday family portraits to shoot this weekend and I’m looking forward to using them. I’ll be buying one or two of the YN560 speedlites soon to supplement my Canon 580EX ll.
Chris from Grand Island, NY


Blackbelt Swivel Mount Detail
We have had a lot of requests for detailed info on the swivel mount that is included in the lighting kits so we have done up a nice article on it. [Read Now]

Phase 3 Lighting Kit Added
Based on popular demand we have added a Phase 3 lighting kit with three lightstands, umbrellas, swivel mounts, YN560 flashes, receivers, and a transmitter for only $499!  [Buy Now]

Now more choices in wireless trigger kits
Previously we had the wireless receiver kits only in a 2 receiver pack with a transmitter and extra receivers for $19.99. Based on popular demand we have added a new bundle which has one transmitter and 3 receivers for $64.99 which saves you about 10% from buying the smaller bundle with an extra receiver.

Order Now in time for the holidays
We just got a new shipment of inventory in and we are shipping everything out as soon as the orders are coming in and all backorders have been filled.

There is still time do get your orders in and have it under the tree in time for Christmas. Use discount code: Dojo15 for 15% off your order through Dec 20th.
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Wireless Flash Triggers and Lighting Kits Now Available
The YN560 is proving to be a great seller and the wireless triggers and lighting kits are now available as well. Several photographers have been using the lighting kits so watch for videos of them in action and see the results they are getting. Any of these products or kits would make a great gift for any photographer.
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YN560 Flash In-Stock and Ready to Ship
The popular YN560 speedlite is now in stock and we are shipping orders.
Until the end of the month get $20 savings with discount code: Flash20
[Buy Now]

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