Another Take on Perspective

Last time we looked at tilting the camera and getting a little more angle on the subject. This time lets look at shooting from an angle that isn’t normal. Often changing to a low-to-high or high-to-low angle can change the mood or the message we are trying to convey.


Small Perspective Change


Large Perspective Change


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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3 Responses

  1. Nigel says:

    Good subject! I recently won a photo competition mainly because of the changed perspective. Since I'm using a large dSLR without tilting screen is sometimes can't see what i'm photographing. Don't worry, just zoom out a little more (so you can crop later on) and lower the camera and just fire away. Getting lucky is one of the advantages of being able to throw away your images 🙂

    Check out these lucky shots…
    Frog perspective:

    Get down with it (and win the competition):

    Never go for the cat's fresh stolen fish 🙂

  2. valerieevans says:

    Some of my personal favourite shots have been taken when I couldn't see what I was shooting. I don't know if that's a good thing…

  3. Tim says:

    I agree. sometimes a very small change of angle produces a huge difference in the overall shot.

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