Light Blaster Image Projector Announced

light-blaster-12-500Something I have always been interested in is the ability to project an image onto a background or subject to really enhance the qualities of a particular image. I have personally experimented with this concept and was even working on a prototype but the challenges of making one that was compact, portable, and really functioned well had delayed my project time and time again. Now, my plans to build an image projector have just been scrapped forever with the introduction of the new Light Blaster. The Light Blaster is the brainchild of longtime friend Udi Tirosh whose site has always been one of my favorites. Udi has taken the concept of the image projector and refined it into what is truly an amazing new product.

light-blaster-24-500The Light Blaster works with either a Canon or Nikon flash and lens to project the image from a slide onto your background or even your subject. By utilizing one of your lenses, you can control the spread and focus of the image and using a speedlite ensures that the image is bright enough while still being controllable.

The Blaster has a a specific groove for good ol’ 35mm framed slides, but it can also accept unframed slides (or negatives) and home printed transparencies cut to specific sizes (you can download a template on their site), and pre-printed transparencies. This opens up a pretty wide variety of creative applications, from using old slides as backdrops, to projecting specific images on models and objects.

The possibilities are actually pretty amazing if you think about it. Instead of doing some shooting on green screen, you can actually project the background image directly behind your subject. Here are some examples of things people have done with the Blaster.

Not Convinced Yet?

I know it can be a little hard to grasp the concept at first, fortunately some top photographers have got their hands on the Blaster and have put together some videos showing how they have started using it.

Fashion Shoot With Photographer Renee Robyn

Fashion Shoot With World Renowned Photographer Benjamin Von Wong

Ready to get yours?

light-blaster-09-500I know I can’t wait to get mine, and if you are ready to get one for yourself, they are available now starting at only $99. Along with the Blaster itself, there are also pre-packed sets of slides to help get you started.

Creative Backdrop Kit

Magical forest? Futuristic city? Place your heroes anywhere in the universe with this amazing kit.

While you may not be able to travel to some of the places in the near future, you may certainly find that your models were projected into those far or mysterious places: Blue Planet, Green Field, Old Country House, Sunflowers, Modern Country House, Industrial city, Crazy Checkerboard, Earth, Fantasy Space, Orange Twirl, Magical Forest, Blue Portal, Grid, Round Portal, Haunted Lighthouse, Mechanical Wall, Si-fi City, Clouds, Golden Space, Moonrise & Battle Plane

Creative Effects Kit

If you’ve been looking to do some creative mischief, or on-model blastin’ this is a great kit for you.

The kit contains 21 carefully selected slides. The full list includes $100 Bill, Blaster Logo, Nuclear Mushroom, Cherry Blossom, Clear Circle, Cloud Pattern, Cross, Crosshair, Fire Dragon, Blue Marble, Nebula, Grid, Jack of Hearts, Spider Web, Five Point Star, Star of David, Twirl, Window, Angel Wings, Seraph Wings & a Ying-yang Symbol.

Creative Wings Effects Kit

The wings Creative kit is made of 21 beautiful wings designs, each crafted by the talented Katie D. Litchfield.

The designs are carefully selected to fit every flying occasion you may experience. And every set of wings possibly needed to angelify any model. The kit includes Angel Wings, Seraph Wings, Devil Wings, Folded Wings, Fairy Wings, Evil Wings & Forest Wings.

light-blaster-11-50035mm Slides Kit

Their team scoured the earth for interesting slides. They went high and low, across valleys, mountains and remote markets to bring you the best collection of 16 totally random slides.

Feel free to use these slides for your personal work. If people appear in the slides, you will need to obtain a their permission before using their photos commercially.

Each of these kits is available for only $17!

I hope you can start to envision what all you can do with the Blaster as it can really open up your possibilities in an entirely new way.

For more information, or to order yours now, visit the Light Blaster website at


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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