How To Prepare for a Professional Photo Shoot

You can find all sorts of reasons to get your portrait taken, from a wedding engagement to a new baby in the family. For some people who are a little “camera shy”, this can seem like a nightmare, but with the right photographer it can be an enjoyable time for everyone. This is a great way to capture memories that will last a lifetime. To get the most out of your shoot, it’s important to prepare yourself ahead of time. As with any other company or business you use, look for a photographer with good reviews, and look at samples of their work to make sure it’s what you want. Photography studios like Lasting Expressions can be found just about everywhere, so you should be able to find one near your home that’s convenient and friendly. Feel free to call them and talk to the photographer if you have any questions about your shoot; this is one of the surest ways to get a feel for them. If they don’t seem receptive to you and your questions, look elsewhere, since if you aren’t completely comfortable with them now, you probably won’t be very comfortable during your photo shoot, either.

Find the Right Setting

Your photographer should be very flexible in accommodating your artistic preferences during your session. Although some operate solely out of their store, many will travel to a destination of your choosing, whether that be at your home, a garden, or a local landmark. You should plan for a variety of photo styles, from very casual to very formal. Expect to bring a few changes of clothes, as well as makeup and jewelry to match. Even changing your hair can make a big difference in the feel of your portrait. Many studios will have changes of clothes available if for some reason you don’t want to bring your own, and many also have their own makeup artists and hair stylists. This is a great way to save yourself a little stress beforehand, especially if you have kids that need their pictures taken, too. The main goal of your session should be to feel as comfortable as possible, because that will help give you the best pictures. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and try to schedule your photo shoot after naps and feeding time for the kids, in order to get everyone in the best possible mood.

What to Wear

Although you can wear you want in your portrait at Lasting Expressions, there are some basic guidelines to give you the best results. Try to avoid loud patterns and logos, since these can easily distract the viewer and can often clash with each other. Don’t overdo the bright colors, either. They’re all right in limited amounts on children, as long as they match, but on adults they tend to pull attention away from the face. Red is especially distracting, so use it with care. Make sure the entire family is dressed in similar tones or color schemes; if one person is wearing white while everyone else is wearing blue, they will naturally stand out. Darker tones tend to be more formal, especially for men, while lighter tones are more fun and playful. Bring a variety of clothes and experiment with different combinations and poses to see what works best for you.

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    Never underestimate what to wear. Super important to be professional, but comfortable.

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