Informative Tips For Acting Pros Seeking Headshots

A head shot is a current looking, 8×10 picture of yourself that reflects your type and is primarily focused on the features of your face. A head shot is your calling card; your personal photo advertisement for securing interviews and auditions with agents, managers, and casting directors. Here we implore tips on dress, jewelry and other components of head shots which should be taken into account whether practicing in digital photo booth areas, at home, or getting ready for Hollywood.

Dress The Part

Wear something YOU feel attractive and comfortable in. When you feel good, your confidence will show in your pictures. More importantly, wear clothing that reflects your type. All of your clothing should come from your closet and have the essence of a character or role you’d likely play in a show. Wear the entire outfit down to the appropriate shoes. Those viewing your head shot may not know what’s covering your bottom half, but you definitely will. And, that will affect the look and emotion of your photos.

Avoid Too Much ‘Bling’

It’s best to avoid overly sized jewelry or items of clothing with bold print or heavy graphics. Women should stay away from clothing that reveals too much cleavage. Too much skin exposure can come across as tacky or unprofessional. Always remember: Don’t wear anything that will distract from your face. Your head shots are about you; not your graphic tee or huge hoop earrings.

Your photographer will be very helpful in selecting the best clothing options to achieve your goal during the photo shoot. Give your photographer a variety of colors and styles to help you identify the best options to enhance your look.

Printing Your Own Head Shots

If you’re printing your photos yourself, use “pearl” or “matte” finish as opposed to “glossy”. This will greatly minimize glare. Remember to add your name in a large sized font to your photo, and avoid using heavy cursive or calligraphy-based font; your name should be easy to read.

There isn’t a rule for where to place your name on the photo. However, it definitely should not obstruct from your face, and traditionally tends to be at the bottom of the picture (left/ right corner or centered). Borders to frame your photo are optional, but customary. You’ll should only update your head shots if your physical features have dramatically changed. This will take objectivity so solicit feedback from trusted friends and industry professionals. Casting directors and agents find inaccurate head shots infuriating.

Finding Photographers

Finding an affordable photographer is so much easier than you may think. Freelance photography is incredibly competitive. Photographers are constantly looking to pick up work. The key is to find an affordable photographer with the knowledge and experience needed to make the most of your session. Aside from Craigslist, you’re going to receive an abundance of options from recent college grads seeking freelance work to experienced, professional photographers. Be prepared to do a considerable amount of detective work.

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