New Products From Vanguard Announced at CES

05 GH-300T-Ergonomic GripI am a big fan of the Vanguard products with their top-notch quality and features but without the huge price tags of the big name brands Every year Vanguard continues to improve their products based on feedback from the actual users. This year is no exception with a plethora of new products being released this week at CES. Rather than go through the entire lineup of products, I wanted to pick out a few that really caught my attention as products that I would want for myself.

GH-300T Pistol Grip Ball Head

I have had the GH-100 and GH-200 and have loved both of them. The GH-200 can always be found on my tripod. This year, the GH-300T is being announced which improves on the GH-200 most significantly by adding a push-button shutter release (along with cables for most Canon and Nikon cameras).  The weight capacity has been increased to 17.5 pounds. The GH-300T features a 72 click panning base for perfect panorama and a second panning base makes it easy to follow the action. The trigger release is an interesting addition which I really want to play with to see if it helps during moving scenes or even as a make-shift pan head for shooting video.

02 GH-300T-Shutter Trigger on Pistol Grip   04 GH-300T-Versatile   05 GH-300T-Ergonomic Grip  09 GH-300T-Two bubble levels

PH-111V Video Fluid Head

I loved shooting with small cameras and the video capabilities of cameras like the Sony NEX-5n and other mirrorless cameras opens video production to an entirely new class of videographers. The problem is that large fluid heads are heavy and bulky and really don’t work well when there isn’t a heavier load on them. On the other hand, small fluid heads struggle with smooth movements. Vanguard has been working for a long time on creating fluid heads for both large and small cameras and the new PH-11V video head is one I have my eye on. The small size and smooth movement is exactly what small-camera shooters have needed.

06 PH-111V-Unlock the base for panorama 01 PH-111V-Front


Vojo Series Photo/Video Traveling Bags

I am on the road 2-3 weeks a month and my luggage and carry-on bags get a serious beating. If you have seen me anywhere in the past three years you probably saw me with my Vanguard Uprise 38.  If I have any issue at all with the Uprise 38 its that it looks like a camera bag. This year Vanguard is stepping up the style a few notches with the Vojo Series bags. The more soft-canvas with leather accents looks much more like a generic messenger bag rather than an obvious camera bag. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the model that has a brownish color to it.

02 VOJO 28GR-Refined super organizer for camera, tablet, laptop & daily essentials 01 VOJO 28GR-Front


For more information on these and other new products, be sure and visit Vanguard’s website at


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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