Monthly Archive: January 2013

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Classic Portrait Lighting Styles Part I

As we continue our series on portrait lighting we now need to look at the different types of classic portrait lighting and see the effect it has on someone so we can decided when to use each type. By choosing the proper lighting for a particular person, we can help them to look their best by making them appear to be thinner or wider or to accent or minimize certain facial features.

How to clean your lenses 0

How to clean your lenses

Keeping your lenses clean is easier than most people think but does require a few things to make sure you do it properly. This week, I show you the best way to clean your lenses....

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Podcast #132 – Jason Groupp and WPPI

Jason Groupp has been a photographer in New York for over 20 years and I am a big fan of his work, his style, and his teaching techniques. We have had Jason on the...

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Podcast Flashback – Carlos Baez

This week we flash back to early 2009 with one of the most popular podcasts in the history of Camera Dojo. In this show Kerry and David talk with Carlos Baez about the recent controversy...

Using a Light Meter 0

Using a Light Meter

Getting a good exposure can often be tricky even when your camera’s internal meter is showing the exposure should be correct. If you have a light mete, you can ensure a proper exposure every...


Think Tank Photo Change-Up v2.0

Think Tank Photo to Release Completely Updated Change-Up Multi-function Camera Bag Shoulder bag, chest pack, or belt pack, it does all three successfully.  Santa Rosa, Calif. – In February, Think Tank Photo will release...


Think Tank Photo Sub Urban Disguise

Think Tank Photo to Release Sub Urban™ Disguise Premium Quality Shoulder Camera Bags Suburban Disguise Press Release Santa Rosa, Calif. – Think Tank Photo announced that in February it will release a new concept...