Fotodiox Introduces WonderBurst NEX and WonderBurst HSS8000 Radio Flash Triggers

Fotodiok has jumped into the flash market big time with two new products, the WonderBurst NEX and WonderBurst HS8000. The WonderBurst NEX is the first dedicated flash system for Sony NEX series cameras. The WonderBurst NEX will open the doors for more professional lighting setups when using the NEX series of cameras.

The WonderBurst HS8000 is a radio flash trigger that is designed to learn how your camera works and adapt itself in order to support super fast shutter speeds.


Fotodiox Introduces WonderBurst NEX and WonderBurst HSS8000 Radio Flash Triggers

WonderBurst NEX Enables the Use of Standard Hotshoe Flash with Proprietary NEX Hotshoe, Providing More Options for Photographers

Waukegan, Ill. – Dec. 10, 2012 - Fotodiox, Inc., (, a leading lens adapter and accessories manufacturer and distributor, today announced the launch of the WonderBurst NEX Radio Flash Trigger and WonderBurst HSS8000 4-in-1 Radio Slave Trigger, the latest offerings to its flagship Wonder line of products.

The WonderBurst NEX Radio Flash Trigger creates compatibility with Sony NEX digital cameras via the WonderBurst NEX transmitter and receiver system. The WonderBurst NEX enables Sony NEX 3 & 5 Series cameras, to remotely trigger any flash or strobe with a standard hot-shoe, giving shooters more options beyond the proprietary NEX hot-shoe. The WonderBurst NEX is capable of flash sync speeds up to 1/160 seconds and with 2.4GHz frequency (built-in PCB antenna), 16 selectable channels and 300ft range, the WonderBurst NEX enables many photographers to work together without any interference in a variety of shooting conditions.

“The WonderBurst NEX and HSS8000 enable remote firing of your flash and strobe and are limited only by the number of flashes and receiver units used,” said Drew Strickland, vice president of Fotodiox. “The WonderBurst is the latest in our line of original, high-quality Fotodiox products, following the WonderPana lens hood adapters. These new products are innovative, quality solutions that aim to address some of the most common equipment problems that photographers encounter.”

Along with the WonderBurst NEX, Fotodiox is also launching the WonderBurst HSS8000 4-in-1 Radio Slave Trigger, a 1/8000 high-speed sync wireless remote flash trigger compatible with any camera flash or strobe. The transmitter plugs into the camera to learn the camera’s specific delay time, allowing it to get ahead of the second curtain sync, or the sync delay that most cameras have. The WonderBurst HSS8000 removes flash sync limitations and will also work as a camera remote for AF remote triggering, continuous shooting and bulb mode.

Both WonderBurst remote models have a flash wake up function which will activate the flash automatically when in standby mode and are interchangeable with any receiver.

The WonderBurst NEX kit includes: 1x Transmitter (TX-CA), 1x Receiver (RX-CK), 1x Studio Flash Sync Adapter (1/4″ Plug), 1x PC Sync Cord, 2x AAA batteries and instructions and is priced at $39.95.

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About Fotodiox

Fotodiox is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional photography and videography accessories at wholesale prices. Serving the photo and video market since 2004, Fotodiox carries a full line of professional photography accessories and lighting equipment, including: flash strobes and wedding photography kits, daylight fluorescent lighting, tungsten lighting and video lighting kits. Fotodiox’s first product in its new flagship “Wonder” line, WonderPana, is a unique lens hood filter system designed to achieve balanced lighting. Fotodiox continues to be the leading manufacturer of lens mount adapters, large format adapters for 35mm and medium format digital backs.



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