Everything People on the Go Should Know About Photography

Photography is a fun hobby that interests people from all walks of life. Nothing is more enjoyable to many people than taking a stroll through the woods and photographing their favorite sites. Parents who have kids love the idea of taking pictures of everything their kids do, especially when their kids are young. Unfortunately, a lot of people are too busy in their day to day lives to take great photographs. Luckily, for anyone on the go, there are many tips to ensure that they do not neglect their hobby. So without further ado, here are four tips for anyone who is on the go and still wants to practice their favorite (or a new) passion.


A lot of people neglect photography in their day to day lives. This is a mistake, as there is always an opportunity to capture a thrilling moment. Every day of our lives, there is something worth capturing on photo, whether it is a sunset, or just a traffic-filled street. Some of the best photos are taken when the photographer had no preparation to take the photo. Great photography can capture any moment happening in life – the moment does not have to be grand on its own. Any true photographer will tell you that photography is about much more than capturing smiles or happy moments – it’s about capturing life and the world as it is today. That’s a pretty broad spectrum. If you open up your lens to all the snap-worthy scenes out there, your photos of loved ones will benefit all the more.


Don’t fret about finding the best camera – even a simple camera can take great photos. Believe it or not, a lot of serious photographers don’t want to carry around their thousand dollar camera everywhere they go. Luckily, even a simple $50 camera will take great photographs. Granted, a cheap camera will not give perfect results, but the difference will be negligible. Remember, photography is about capturing the moment, not about impressing people with a great camera. Even a disposable camera will record great memories. Unless you plan to make money off your photos or you’d like to enter some kind of contests, spend your money elsewhere.


In recent years, a lot of people have become obsessed with cleaning up their photos using photo-editing programs, but remember that a picture is supposed to capture what you were seeing and nothing more. Don’t try and alter the photo too much. A lot of busy professionals spend their weekends going through their favorite photos, trying to make them better, if you’re busy, don’t worry about perfecting every little part. Chances are a few quick fixes here and there will suffice for great photos. If you simply take pleasure in manipulating images, then you should totally be on the likes of Instagram – likely the easiest, most rewarding and most efficient way to do so (and share the final product with loved ones)!

Right Under Your Nose

You might be surprised, but you may already have everything you need to take great pictures of your daily life without spending hundreds of dollars on equipment or software. If you have a smart phone with a good camera, you might already be set. In fact, the iPhone camera has made a great name for itself as having one of the best cameras out there – the photos on an iPhone are often as good as those from a quality camera – but the camera itself is a bonus that comes with something you already were going to buy – a phone. If you’re in the market for a new phone too, the iPhone might be a solution to save some  real dough AND take great photos.


Remember that photography is supposed to be fun. You don’t have to and you shouldn’t stress over a hobby like photography. Do it when you can, whether it is one Saturday a month, or 20 minutes after work. If photography is something you truly enjoy, you will find time out of your week to take photos. Good photography will come naturally, even for busy working professionals who are on the go. Remember, no matter what, there are opportunities every day to take spectacular photos. The minute you wake up and walk out the door, you have hundreds of opportunities to capture life into amazing photographs. Photos should be an organic part of an experience – if you’re having a great time with friends and they groan when you whip the camera out, you probably don’t have the right attitude, and your photos will show it. Keep it light and think of it as an extended learning experience, rather than something to master immediately.

Roger Wellesley writes about photography, blogging and liberal arts educations. His proudest piece is on the best degrees for creative people.

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    Thanks for the post! I especially like your point about there always being an opportunity to capture a photo! My phone may not be as advanced as my camera, but it's more convenient and I can still edit the final result.

  1. December 6, 2012

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