Monthly Archive: November 2012

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Podcast #126 – Team Dojo’s Favorite Things

In this week’s podcast Team Dojo (Kerry Garrison, Chris Diset, and Debra Ekas) talk about their favorite things they would like to get or give this holiday season. From cameras, to lighting, to modifiers,...

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Review: Cotton Carrier Vest System

Finding a good system for carrying your gear is always a challenge as everyone’s needs are different.  Some people need quick access, some need to carry lots of heavy equipment, others may want to have access...

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Podcast #125 – Team Dojo Discusses Lenses

Team Dojo all gets together to talk about a handful of different topics including what kinds of lenses are best for portraits, which are our favorite lenses, and which lenses we take to every...

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Directional Lighting with On-Camera Flash

Buuuut Kerrrry..If you use your flash ON your camera (not your pop-up flash) you can’t get directional lighting, its going to look horrible. Well, yeah, and that’s why so many people don’t like to...

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Lighting ratios for portraits

Shooting portraits using classic styles of lighting ratios is a dying art. Many new photographers are completely unfamiliar with how to do portrait lighting and so they don’t even try leaving the current trend...

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Podcast #124 – Conversation with David duChemin

This week we have special guest David duChemin. David is an international assignment photographer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) though is prone to living nomadically when at all possible. During the show, David...

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Poll: How Long Have You Been a Photographer?

As with most of our polls, we are always trying to learn who our readers are so that we can tailor the content accordingly. In this poll we want to know how long you...

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Poll: How Old Are You?

We are always trying to understand who it is that comes to Camera Dojo. In today’s poll we want to know how old you are. As always, thanks for answering. [poll id=”6″]