Top 5 Modifiers For Photography Lighting

I constantly get asked about my favorite modifiers so I have put together a list of my top 5 all-time favorite light modifiers. From the small and ultra-portable Rouge Flashbenders that you will always see in my camera bag to the massive seven foot tall Westcott parabolic umbrellas that provide the best light from my flash equipment, all of them work to provide you with the best lighting possible for your shoots.

ExpoImaging Rogue Flashbender (Large)

You will ALWAYS see this in my camera bag because it folds flat and then opens up to provide a light source about 18x larger than a bare speedlite.

Westcott 43 inch Optical White Satin Collapsible Umbrella

Umbrellas are one of my favorite modifiers but are difficult to travel with. The Westcott 43 inch Optical White Satin Collapsible Umbrella solves this by folding down to only about a foot in length making it very easy to pack away for those remote locations.

Westcott 43-inch Apollo Orb

Combining the best of a softbox with the convenience of an umbrella, the Orb provides a large light source that is equally at home with speedlites as it is with studio strobes.

Neewer 33 inch White Translucent Shoot Through Umbrella

You should always have a few white shoot-through umbrellas handy and they are certainly my go-to modifiers for almost anything I need to do. The Neewer 33″ shoot-through umbrellas are really decent quality and only cost a $5.50 each so there is no excuse to not ever have one around.

Westcott 7′ White with Black Cover Parabolic Umbrella

When you need a BIG light source, the Westcott 7′ umbrellas are the way to go. If I could use them for every shoot I probably would but their large size does make them a little unwieldy at times but when you have the room, these big umbrellas are the best modifiers available.

If you have any personal favorites, be sure and let everyone know about them in the comments below.


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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