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Most new products come in and you just know right away if it is something that you will like or not. The SpiderPro Holster was not one of these products. I have tried numerous camera straps over the years and no matter what I have tried I have always gone back to my original R-Strap from the summer of 2008. It’s comfortable, has some storage on it, distributes my camera weight well, and suites my shooting style. So to say that I went into the testing process with a small amount of bias would be an understatement. This SpiderPro review was not something I whipped out one evening, I have really been putting it through its paces and using it exclusively for two and a half months to really see if it was something I would continue to use after knocking out a review. After that intro, your probably wondering what the result was…well…continue reading to find out.


The SpiderPro Holster is a unique device that allows you to place your camera on your waist and then be hands-free…and strap free until you are ready to use your camera again. For me, when I am not shooting, I am usually doing something with my hands like working with a product, helping someone to pose, or arranging items for a shot. Having a strap means that my camera is often in the way, sometimes swinging into something or getting in my way. The SpiderPro Holster securely holds your camera via a special plate on the bottom of your camera keeping is close, secure, and still easily accessible.


The main parts of the Spider Holster system include the holster itself that straps to a belt that will hold your camera, the SpiderPro Plate which attaches to the bottom of your camera, and the SpiderPro Pin which attaches to the Plate and allows it to sit inside the holster.

The SpiderPro 1-Camera kit consists of the following components:

  • 1 SpiderPro Camera Holster
  • 1 SpiderPro Plate
  • 1 SpiderPro Pin
  • 1 SpiderPro Belt


There is only a small amount of prep work to get ready to use the SpiderPro. First you have to determine if you are going to wear it on your right or left side so you can put the holding stud into the correct position on the camera bracket. Next, you need to attach the bracket to the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. The mount tightens with an Allen wrench that is stored in the camera mount bracket. Finally, you need to adjust the belt for your waist. Once you have the belt on, you are ready to start using it.


Using the SpiderPro holster is a very different experience than using a strap. Once you slide your camera into the holster, you are completely free of anything bogging you down and you are free to use your hands. I have to say, while any strap allows your hands to be free, with the SpiderPro Holster this takes that concept to a new level because there is nothing around your neck or on your shoulders, this is a very liberating feeling. The only issue I have is that I don’t feel overly secure not having any kind of strap on the camera in case the camera slips out of my hands. A simple solution to this is a wrist strap for your camera if you need that little extra piece of mind.

Keeping the camera on your waist instead of your neck and shoulders is actually more comfortable than I had expected. I position mine a little more towards my back than directly on my side so that a lens on the camera tends to ride behind me a little which helps protect my gear as I am maneuvering in tight areas.

My camera feels extremely secure in the holster even when the safety latch isn’t closed.


While the SpiderHolster looked interesting when it first came out I was pretty happy with the existing strap I was using. While I was at WPPI this year I stopped by the SpiderHolster booth and really got some hands-on time with it. I was actually so impressed with it that I felt I really needed to give it a long term try. It only took a few outings with it to be convinced that it was going to be my primary way to carry my camera.

Using the SpiderHolster is comfortable and easy to use and I certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a better system.

Score Card

The SpiderHolster was pretty easy to grade since the only setup is to put the mount on the bottom of your camera and adjust it to your size. As for features, while it has a single purpose, it does it extremely well. The very nice clasp and the lock mechanism add to an already great package. The system is very easy to use and works great to help you from getting sore after carrying your gear all day. At $135 ┬áit isn’t cheap but is well worth it for the ease of use.


Strap used in video:


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey Kerry, what is that hand strap you have on your camera?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, I meant to say that I couldn't quite tell what you were calling it or where to get it!

  3. Joelle Leder says:

    you are welcome for the camera strap!
    I will forward this review to them! nice job!

  4. I am a full-time professional photographer who lives in Ithaca, NY which is where the Spider Holster business is based. I am friends with Shai Eynav, and I'll be going to the upcoming WPPI convention in Las Vegas (WPPI 2013) with Shai, and co. to work at his booth demonstrating and selling Spider Holster systems and accessories. At this upcoming WPPI, we'll be bringing our new lens pouch attachments and an incredibly well-designed camera hand strap to demonstrate and sell at the trade show. These new accessories are truly unique, and exceptionally well designed (and very well made). We are very much looking forward to another highly successful WPPI show!

  1. July 30, 2012

    […] am a big fan of the Spider Holster and actually use it on a very regular basis. The only real downside is that I often switch to a […]

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