ExpoImaging Rogue Flashbenders Review

rougue_flashbenders-1There are tons of different types of light modifiers available and while these may seem fairly similar to other products on the market, they actually are quite unique. A few little things that really set these apart from others (more detail on all of these later) are a built-in strap so you can never forget to have your velcro strap with you (yes, this has happened to me) and a bendable metal strip that allows you to shape the device to suite your specific needs.

The Flashbenders are available in three different sizes so you can find one that is most appropriate for the type of shooting you need to do.

The Flashbender Family

rougue_flashbenders-5As I mentioned in the introduction, the Flashbenders come in three different sizes. The smallest version, the Bendable Bounce Card/Flag measures approximately 5” x 9” (127mm x 228mm. The Rogue FlashBender Bounce Card can be used either as a reflector to bounce light onto a subject, or as a flag (using either the built-in white surface, or included black fabric attachment) to shield light away from it.

When using an accessory flash on-camera for fill light, I like to use the Bounce Card to help diffuse the light and create a nice catchlight in the subject’s eyes.

The medium sized unit is actually called the Small Positionable Reflector and measures approximately 10” x 7” (254mm x 178mm). The Rogue FlashBender Small Positionable Reflector can be used either as a reflector to bounce light onto a subject, as a flag to shield light away from it or as a small snoot to produce a wide circle of light. I like using this version when I am shooting people outdoors and have nothing to bounce the light from the flash off of. Using this Flashbender it raises the height of the light to provide a little directional light and also helps to eliminate red eye.

rougue_flashbenders-3The Large version measures approx. 10” x 11” (254mm x 280mm). I find the large version is a bit too intimidating to use when the flash is on-camera but when I have the flash off-camera it makes for a quick-setup light source that will provide a much larger light source than the flash itself. This is a great setup when shooting small groups  or single subjects up to 3/4 body shots.

These aren’t just big white reflectors, the metal strips on the back (1 on the bounce card, 2 on the small reflector, 3 on the large reflector) allow you to bend, twist, roll, and otherwise modify the shape from being a large flat shape to a tight snoot and pretty much anything in-between.

The white side cleans up very nicely so its quite simple to keep it nice and bright.

rougue_flashbenders-4I have been using the Flashbenders more and more since they provide you with so much flexibility in how you can shape the light and reflect it in any number of ways.

I was a bit skeptical at first of the bendable strips but they don’t add much weight and are able to hold their shape without any sagging.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, each of the Flashbenders has the attachment strap built-in so you can never lose it. While this may be redundant if you have the entire family of Flashbenders, it ensures that you can’t lose a separate strap and you don’t need to purchase straps for each flash you may end up using it on.

The straps have plenty of adjustment to them so they should be able to fit on any speedlite that is on the market today.

Using the Flashbenders

rougue_flashbenders-6I have been using the Flashbenders from everything from wedding shoots to product shoots because they do such a great job at creating a larger light source that makes for nice lighting for people and helps to evenly light products.

The results have been quite good and the Flashbenders have found a permanent home in my camera case. Since they lay flat when wide open they are pretty easy to fit most anywhere

The Rogue Flashbenders are also priced competitively as well.

Rogue FlashBender Bendable Bounce Card/ Flag – $29.95

Rogue FlashBender Small Positionable Reflector – $34.95

Rogue FlashBender Large Positionable Reflector – $39.95

I highly recommend the Rogue Flashbenders for anyone that is using speedlites and is looking for an affordable, flexible, and efficient light modifier. Be sure and visit their website for additional information.

The following are additional images taken while using the Flashbenders:


Expo Imaging


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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