NEXTO eXtreme Portable Photo/Video Storage Review

I simply cannot say it enough, you MUST have a backup solution that works well AND you actually have to use it because you just never know what might happen. I have had a laptop stolen from a hotel room, hard drives die, and on our recent trip to Hawaii, my laptop’s operating system went all wonky and wouldn’t boot up after the very first day. But thanks to the Next eXtreme at least my CF cards were backed up each night.


The Nexto eXtreme is yet another device designed to backup your memory cards in the field without having to have a computer handy. The unit supports a handful of common memory card types including CF cards. SD, and. handful of others. With 160gb of storage it should have plenty of space to hold any event or even an entire vacation’s worth of images.

• Back-up data from any USB device w/o a computer • Back-up directly from your digital Camera
• Fastest OTG transfers – 8x faster than competitors • Back-up directly from Flash based or HDD camcorder
• Backlit LCD Screen • The only full speed USB 2.0 OTG device available
• One Hand/One Button Operation • Forward Compatible with upcoming USB 3.0 specs.

Memory Card Support

  • Built-in CF Slot
    • Compact Flash type 1 and type 2 / MicroDrive
  • Built-in 4in1 Slot
    • SD / SDHC / MMC / MMCPlus / MemoryStick /
    • MS Pro-HG / MS Pro MagicGate
    • xD type S and type M and type H
    • * with SD or MS adapter(not included)
    • miniSD / TransFlash / MMC mobile / RSMMC
    • MS Duo / MS Duo MagicGate / MS Pro Duo /
    • MS Pro Duo MagicGate
  • Built-in USB Hosting
    • Mass storage devices : USB card reader
    • Hard drive type camcorder /Memory type camcorder
    • Still image capture devices: Digital camera

Transfer Rate

  • Memory card to ND2700 : Max. 66MByte/sec, Avg. 25MByte/sec
  • ND2725 to computer : eSATA avg. 60MByte/sec, USB avg. 25MByte/sec

Hard Drive Interface

  • 2.5′ SATA Hard drive Capacity up to 2,000GB


  • Internal : 3.7V 1550mAH rechargeable Li-Poly battery. 60GB backup on a single charge
  • External : 3.7V 2200mAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery. 80GB backup on a single charge
    • Rechargeable via USB or external power adapter.
    • Takes 5hr for full charge

External Power

  • Adapter : 100-240V AC to 5V/2A DC
  • USB : Runs on USB power from a computer

Computer Interface

  • eSATA : 3.0Gbit/sec, USB2.0 : 480Mbit/sec

File System

  • Hard drive : FAT32, Memory Card : FAT12/16/32


There is virtually zero setup, the drive comes formatted and is ready to go. I would suggest putting it on a charger overnight just to get a real good initial charge and then you should be all set to go from there.
That being said, I do suggest you spend a moment Nd read through the manual as it explains how to use the menu system and the single button interface to traverse the menus and make selections.


The Next eXtreme is about as easy to operate as it gets, even easier if you enable Auto-Copy which will automatically backup a memory card as soon as you insert it.

What kind of bothered me a bit was the LCD screen that is about the size of a postage stamp. Seriously, I think the display is smaller than the display on my cheap digital sports watch. If it means raising the price another $10 to have a display that doesn’t require near-perfect vision to see, I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks extra.
The interface is interesting since there is only a single button to press, depending on what you are doing you will be prompted to use either a short click, a long click, or a double click. Usually there aren’t multiple options availae unless you are in some kind of menu. While the menuing and interface are simple to learn, the super small screen makes some things more difficult to do and causes it to take a hit on the usage ranking.


I have been using devices like this for several years and have liked different devices for different reasons, sometimes size, one had a nice LCD display, but what I really like about the Nexto eXtreme is that it is FAST! It easily is the fastest backup unit I have tested so far. Coming back to the hotel after a day of sightseeing, speed isn’t that important. Shooting a large wedding with a second shooter and needing to copy their cards before you go home, speed is essential. Also, the faster you can copy your cards, the more images you can backup per charge. The first generation of these types of devices could do about 1000 images per charge which wouldn’t backup a large wedding on a single charge.

I have been very happy with the eXtreme and other than the small screen, its an excellent device due to its speed and price. I simply set it up for Auto-Copy so all I have to do is turn it on, and start plugging CF cards in and it will tell me when they are finished.

Final Score:

NEXTO eXtreme3 160GB Digital Hi-Speed OTG Backup Storage at


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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  1. canon g12 says:

    This is the best item I could have as a Christmass gift (backing up photographs on holiday). Fast, reliable, long lasting.

  2. Canon S95 says:

    The Nexto copy the pictures flawless from the CF to the HD very quickly. The user interface is perfectly simple and intuitive.

  1. March 7, 2012

    […] anniversary and on the very first day the hard drive in my laptop crashed. At the time I had the Nexto DI eXtreme portable storage which allowed me to quickly back up my CF cards each night. Without a portable backup solution, I […]

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