Purosol Lens Cleaner Review

I generally keep any chemicals as far away from my DSLR as possible. I don’t use wet swaps on my sensors, I don’t use any liquids on my lenses. Ok, that being said I was recently in Maui for a week, we had a condo right on the beach and each day we are out shooting the beach, waterfalls, rain forests, and other amazing sites. The problem is the salt in the air stuck to the lenses like glue. While I normally would pull out my LensPen, I was fairly concerned that there would be fine particles of sand and I didn’t want to risk any scratches, no matter how small. This is when I remembered I had a bottle of Purosol Lens Cleaner in my bag.

At the recent PMA show the PR rep for Purosol had given me a small sample bottle and although, as I said earlier, I generally do not use any liquids, I tossed it into my camera bag. Ok, before I get into it, let’s look at Purosol’s pitch.

According to Purosol’s website, it was originally developed for NASA and the US military for use on high-end multi-coated optics.

“Using the latest in surface chemistry, it breaks the molecular bonds that dust, dirt and grime use to adhere to the lens. Purosol Optical is streak-free and leaves an anti-static barrier which repels dust, meaning you will have to clean your lens less frequently.”

Purosol also states that it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, nonflammable, sterile and completely biodegradable.

So it sounds like pretty good stuff…the question is…does it work?

I sprayed a little into a good microfiber cloth and dabbed at the spots on the lens. One by one they started coming right off. Within just a few seconds the lenses looked absolutely perfect. This certainly got my interested up and I started cleaning things. Purosol does an excellent job on oil-based smears, such as fingerprints and other body oils that get on eyeglasses and the LCD screen on the camera.

While I am not going to toss my LensPen, I am convinced there is a spot in my camera bag for a bottle of Purosol. For those times when you need to cut through the oils or sticky sand/salt specs, Purosol will certainly help keep my gear nice and clean.

Amazon: Purosol cleaing products

Purosol website: http://purosol.com


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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