Photoshop CS5’s Lesser Known Enhancements

While a half a dozen or so major features are grabbing all the headlines, there is a series of features and enhancements that wound their way into the final release. These changes are part of an internal projects called “Just Do It” that challenged the development team to address a number of requests put forward by the Photoshop user community.

The “Just Do It” features incorporate over 30 different features that address workflow as well as performance issues.

The complete list of JDI features includes:

  • Added a Gradient Tool preset for neutral density
  • Added the ability to save to unsupported bit depth for JPEGs (down-sampling 16-bit files to 8-bit)
  • Enabled easier reversing of clone source
  • Included a “Don’t Show this Message Again” checkbox for the “Maximize Compatibility” option
  • Lowered the default amount for Shadows/Highlights
  • Enabled the ability to move a selection while an active layer is hidden
  • Added an option for turning off Mac touch gesture support
  • Added a command for deleting all empty layers
  • Added straighten image behavior to the existing ruler tool
  • Added the ability to close all open images without saving
  • Added a preference to always default to the folder you last saved an image to
  • Added the ability to drag and drop a file onto an open PSD to create a layer
  • Made 7 improvements to Lens Correction along with significant feature work:
    • The grid display is now off by default
    • The show grid, grid size and grid color are now sticky
    • Default grid size has been increased from 16 to 64
    • Decimal point adjustments for the chromatic aberration correction sliders are now allowed
    • Added a third slider to correct the common green/magenta aberrations with one slider instead of two
    • Replaced “Background Color” with “Black Color” and added “White Color” edge fill option in the edge fill type drop-down
    • Reset to reset calibration settings only
  • Added tile size control plus presets for setting cache and tile size simultaneously
  • In the Adjustments panel, enabled an option to have panel text fields take focus when an adjustment is created or selected
  • In the Adjustments panel, enabled a keyboard shortcut (Shift-Enter/Return) to put the focus on the panel text fields
  • Increased performance for the OBJ file importer, making it faster to import OBJ files
  • Added the ability to adjust the opacity of multiple layers
  • Added the ability to adjust the fill of multiple layers
  • Added individual layer style defaults (user-configurable)
  • Added GPU rule-of-thirds to the crop tool and color picker

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Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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  1. Sometimes it's the small things. I was glad to see the grid is now off by default in the Lens Correction window. Good article!

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