Video: What’s in Kerry’s Bag

CaptureI get asked all the day what gear I have in my camera bag so today I put together a video of going through my camera bag and seeing everything that is in it. If this is popular, I will get other photographers to show off what’s in their bags so let me know if you want to see more of these from some more popular photographers.

Kerry’s Equipment List

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/Kerrys_Bag.flv /]


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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12 Responses

  1. missmerredew says:

    Love this feature. I've seen all this stuff advertised and often wondered how useful it really is. Some great tips and ideas here too. Keep them coming please.
    p.s.I dont envy you having to repack!

  2. Christina Montemurro says:

    Kerry, thanks for this video. I'm amazed how much you can pack into that bag. I also found it interesting that in that huge bag there seemed to be more accessories and supplies than lenses/cameras. You have a lot of cool modifiers!

  3. kgarrison says:

    I typically only keep one camera body out and change out accessories or lenses. In dusty conditions where I dont want to swap lenses I will put a lens on the backup camera and use it. My current lenses fill my needs nicely so I dont need a bunch of glass but given all the accessories I have, I can really work the light in a lot of ways.

  4. Ace Lauber says:

    Thank you for the video. Very interesting, I like hearing your comments about how frequently you use differnt equipment and what is critical. I agree it is not all about the gear, but it helps to understand what tools others relay upon when shooting weddings.

    Great podcast also. You guys rock and I learn something from everyone!


  5. julie says:

    I took one look at the photo and recognized the Think Tank Pro case. Best thing I ever bought for travel, because it fits under the seat of the dinkiest airplanes.

  6. Jon says:

    Dang, now I want the Airport International 2.0 and the absolute last thing I need is another bag!

  7. Jon says:

    Dang, now I want the Airport International 2.0 and the absolute last thing I need is another bag!

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