Complete Guide to Adobe Lightroom Shortcut Keys

lr_2_appicon_eduEven though all of the shortcut keys are available via the help system, its still a bit hard to really find all of them, what if you could have one PDF document that had them all listed and organized? Well, your wishes have been granted!

My good friend Rick Miller, one of the Senior Solutions Engineers for Adobe has written up a document that will help you learn all of the shortcut keys and put you on the path to Lightroom Shortcut nirvana.

Special thanks to Rick for compiling this list and making it available to everyone!

Download Shortcut List PDF (click here)


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea but on a Mac, on Safari and on Firefox I get
    "Error 404 – Not Found"

  2. Anonymous says:

    The list looks like it comes trait from a book. The pages are numbered starting at 160 and on chapter 12. Which book is this. Is it written by Rick Miller?

  3. Kerry Garrison says:

    Not sure about the page numbering, I got the file from Rick Miller.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greetings Matglas,

    We (Adobe) have a Lightroom 2 User Guide PDF that includes detailed information about Lightroom (including all of the shortcuts); I created the shortcuts PDF from that and left the page numbers intact so that our users can reference the original guide.

    Rick Miller
    Senior Solutions Engineer, Education
    Adobe Systems Inc.

  5. shanebaker says:

    Link appears to be broken

  6. shanebaker says:

    Link appears to be broken

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