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bl-500x174-bannerDo you have dreams of shooting a Canon 1Ds Mk III? The new Canon 5D Mk II? The Nikon flagship D3X? Or how about shooting with a $1,600 70-200 IS L 2.8? If you are like me, that’s pretty much all we can do is dream about the day we can afford high end gear like that. Rentals are always a good option either since most places require a deposit equal to the purchase price of the equipment. Hell, if I could afford the deposit I could afford to buy the equipment. Is there any answer? There sure is, has not only affordable rental prices but doesn’t require a deposit. This opens up high end rental equipment to the rest of us.

Opening the Box for the first time

Opening the Box for the first time

How Does It Work

Renting from couldn’t be easier. Browse through their website and find the product you want, select the term of the rental you want, and select if you want to get the op

tional insurance (highly recommended). As soon as you place the order, an authorization hold in the amount of the order total is automatically placed on your credit card. This doesn’t withdraw funds from your card, but merely holds them. They will actually charge the credit card the day your order ships. (see their website for information on using debit cards).

Your package will arrive from FedEx ground and your rental period begins as soon as the package is dropped off.

Detail of the shipping box

Detail of the shipping box

My First Rental

I simply had to get my hands on the new Canon 5D Mk II and when I saw that had the 5D Mk II available for rental I just had to get my hands on one. A few days later my package arrived with the 5D mk II, a manual, and battery charger all stuffed tight into thick foam padding.

It’s no surprise that the camera was in perfect

condition since it is brand new after all

Inside the box was instructions for sending the package back at the end of the rental period as well as a shipping label  When you are finished, simply pack it back up, seal it with some packing tape, slap the shipping label on the box and drop it off at any FedEx drop-off point.

The Cost of Renting

Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Canon EOS 5D Mk II

The big question is does renting something you will use on a regular basis make sense to rent versus purchase? Let’s say you really want to step things up and use some professional glass for your weddings, the 70-200 IS L f/2.8 lens will set you back around $1,600,then let’s assume you will need this lens for 15 different weekends over the course of the year. Since the lens will cost you $51 per week to rent, you would have to rent it 31 times before you would have spent enough to buy the lens, that’s two years of use that you can easily add to the cost of the individual jobs and not have to eat the entire $1,600.

Final Thoughts

There have been multiple times that I wished I could get a certain piece of equipment to rent but the local places are expensive, have a small variety, and require massive deposits.  The entire process with is fast, easy, and painless. If you are wanting to try out a new piece of equipment before buying it, or if you need some extra for a special shoot, then do yourself a favor and call I will certainly be using them a number of times this year for different things. I will be evaluating the EOS 50D, Checking out Tilt-Shift Lenses, and probably using some high end glass for certain events. If you use them, be sure and tell them that I recommended them.

Author: Kerry Garrison


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Was the credit card hold for the value of the equipment? Or the equipment rental fee? Some of us are riding pretty high on our balances after Christmas 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    When does the rental period end? For example 1 week rental… When I drop it off at FedEx, or when they get it back to their office? Basically… Is a one week rental one week of use or 4-6 days of use? Is return shipping included in the total price or do I have to work it out myself?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi All,

    My name is Max and I am one of the owners of I wanted to pop in and say hello.

    First of all, thanks Kerry for posting such a detailed review of our services and I am glad you enjoyed the 5D II 🙂 It's quite a camera, isn't it?

    Second, here are the answers to your questions:

    Michael: The credit card hold is only for the equipment rental fee +shipping. Ie, we don't charge deposits as we take some time to verify who our customers really are.

    Jesse: 1 week rental is exactly that – 1 week. Thus, the time in transit from you and to you does not count in your rental. For example, if you receive a lens on a Wednesday and you are renting it for 1 week, you don't have to send it back until next Wednesday. Shipping is not included in our prices and will be displayed during checkout.

    I will check back in for more questions, so ask away.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Max,
    When you say you take some time to verify customers, how does that work? Like would I be able to have something shipped to my office instead of my house since I am never there to accept packages?(billing and shipping address wouldn't match)

  5. Anonymous says:


    In cases like that, you would simply add your office address to your credit card as the "alternate shipping address." After we verify that this has been done, we can ship to your office.


  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. In renting those, will it cost us too much?

  8. In renting those, will it cost us too much?

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