Amvona Muslins Review

_5099783.jpgMuslin is an excellent background material because it can be stored easily, hung on almost anything, and takes light well. However, muslins are quite expensive, often heading into the $250+ range. As always, we try to save money where we can and finding muslins on eBay from Amvona for under $30 was just too good to pass up. When something is under the $40 mark, we usualy consider it to be disposable, meaning that if it really sucks, we can toss it and not be horribly upset. So we bid on two different muslins, a blue 10×12 and a maroonish 10×20. The blue one ended up at $13 and the maroonish closed at $26. So….what was our reaction when we got them?

_5099780.jpgA few days after the auction, the package from Amvona arrived with the two muslins in it. They were folded neatly and packed in plastic bags. Opening them was a little interesting, they had a weird smell that for some reason reminded me of kerosene and had a somewhat wet feel to them. My highly attuned common sense told me to not try to dry them with a lighter. I hung them each for a few hours on my background stand and by then they didnt have the same feel or smell to them.

No that I wasn’t in as much fear of my house burning down, I fired up a few lights to see how they looked. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. My daughter was walking out the door so I grabbed her and snapped a few quick shots without spending any time on the lighting. Again, I was pretty impressed with the look they gave.

_5099766.jpgI quickly threw up the other one to snap off a few more pics before my daughter had to bolt out the door. Again, the quality was terriffic. Both muslins are heamed around the edges to prevent runs, both have grommets on one end and a 4″ rod pocket on the other. Considering that it would cost about $40 in material just for the raw muslin, about $5 in dye, a couple bucks for grommets, plus all your time to sew and dye the material, you simply can’t get a better deal than these. Granted, if you go straight to Amvona’s website, these sell for about $60, which is a great bargin for any muslin period, but the best deal is to just keep bidding on packages on eBay and try to save anywhere from $10 – $30 off retail.

_5099767.jpgOk, they look good, but seriously, how good are they, and let’s be honest here. Are these heavy duty, last a lifetime, hand down to your grandchildren, shoot either side muslins? Well…maybe. The larger orange/brown/maroon one has equal printing on both sides, at 10′ x 20′ its quite large, plenty big enough for a full family shot. The blue one, well one side is much lighter than the other, and at 10′ x 12′ its just for hanging behind someone standing or sitting. At least while they are new, after you handle them for a while you will need to wash some of the color off your hands that is leftover from the printing process that didn’t fully bond with the material.

So, let’s ask the two important questions, a) will I order more muslins from Amvona and b) would I recommend them to my friends and readers. On both counts, this is a resounding “Yes”. While I have seen higher quality muslins, these should do the trick for all but the absolute most demanding professional.

For more information, visit Amvona’s website at


Kerry Garrison lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. With 10 years of experience shooting products and 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, Kerry brings a good deal of technical know-how and can explain topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quality muslins for under $30… Thats impressive 🙂

  2. pantone says:

    Quality muslins for under $30… Thats impressive 🙂

  3. pantone says:

    Quality muslins for under $30… Thats impressive 🙂

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